3rd Year Elective

During 3rd year you will need to schedule two electives during your assigned periods.  It is your responsibility to make arrangements for the elective rotations (get the approval, complete paperwork and get the evaluation).  Use the Clerkship Application and Approval form, student completes section I and preceptor approves in section II.  Return application to the Clinical Education by fax: 855-574-0798 or email: clinicaleducation@unthsc.edu.

  • Rotation must be 4 weeks
  • Rotation must be during your assigned periods

Process for 3rd year elective:

  1. Decide what kind of rotation you want to complete
  2. Select a preceptor or a site
  3. Call the preceptor/site and check for availability
  4. Fill out the Clerkship Application form (available under form) – Section I and any other forms required by the preceptor/site
  5. Fax or email the application to the preceptor/site
  6. You will be notified by email when the approval is received and the rotation has been added to your schedule


If you have questions please contact your Student Navigator.


RURAL Scholars have different requirements.  Please contact the Office of Rural Medical Education at 817.735.2275 or ROME@unthsc.edu.