Public health takes global view: India is ‘hot’

May 27, 2014 • Uncategorized

The School of Public Health (SPH) is reaching out worldwide in its recruiting efforts these days.  With nearly 13 percent of the school’s current student population coming from India, Associate Dean Matt Nolan Adrignola, EdD, MBA, saw a clear opportunity for growth. Couple that with statistics from the Chronicle of Higher Education showing that graduate student enrollments from India have risen nearly 40 percent over each of the last two years, and it’s obvious that the SPH needed to better understand the potential for growth from Indian students.

“It’s true, India is hot, and I’m not just referring to the weather,” Dr. Adrignola says, thinking back to some of the days during his recent trip to Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai when temperatures soared to 108 degrees. “That’s hot, even for Texas.”

The climate, in fact, is one of top reasons why students from India consider the Lone Star State for their graduate studies. In focus groups conducted with current SPH students, climate was noted as the second most important factor in their decisions, next to out-of-state tuition costs. Many students said that Fort Worth-Dallas weather reminds them of home … or at least comes pretty close.

Traveling with Dr. Adrignola was SPH Senior Web Analyst Vikas Tomer, a 2007 graduate of the school’s Master of Public Health (MPH) program who is originally from Delhi. In addition to meeting with consulting groups that assist international students with the application process and obtaining their visa to study abroad, the two visited with students who had been accepted to the SPH but were still making their final decisions as to where in the U.S. they would go. 

“As a native of India who understands the cultural concerns for new students, and who also has experience with our school as both a graduate and a member of the SPH staff,” Dr. Adrignola notes, “Vikas was able to put their minds at ease … and there is also some speculation that he may be starting a new cricket team once they arrive.”

That’s a big Texas howdy in any part of the world.

Visiting undergrads at an Ahmedabad universityIndia_011_290
Dr. Adrignola chats with accepted students in Mumbai India_010_290
Dr. Adrignola answering questions for prospective students at an international consulting firm