Competencies and Learning Objectives

The purpose of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) travel stipend is to encourage the expansion of knowledge on topics related to equity, diversity and inclusion, and support opportunities for students to network with diverse professionals who could help further their careers.

Poster Presentation

Stipend Requirements:

• Should be students at the School of Public Health
• Students should be presenting in the conference or attending a conference related to Equity Diversity and Inclusion
• Stipend can be used for registration or travel. Registration Fees will be paid up to $400 and travel expenses will be reimbursed. However, payment of late registration fees will not be accepted
• The Stipend will not exceed $500 per academic year which can be used for multiple conference expenses (i.e. students may apply for as many conferences as possible once it does not exceed $500)
• If presenting, students are required to submit a copy of their presentation, and proof of acceptance of abstract before receiving Stipend
• Travel stipend shall be awarded upon the students return and presentation of material to the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion committee
• Applications should be submitted latest a month prior the student’s trip

Processing Stipend requests:

• Applications may be found on the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Web page
• Stipend applications will be accepted on a rolling admission and on a first come first serve basis while funds are available
• At time of the request the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion committee/sub-committee will review the application, deciding either to accept, decline, or table decision for up to 30 days. Decisions will be made within 30 days
• Preference will be provided to students attending conferences or presenting on topics that involve equity, diversity and inclusion

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