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Empathy, communications most important for businesses now

Published: April 7, 2020

Dr Joyce Hood

By Sally Crocker Through innovative thinking in the wake of COVID-19, there’s now a Dallas-Fort Worth restaurant supplier on a new course, delivering fresh-baked bread products directly to consumers’ doorsteps. The hotel industry has been among one of the hardest hit business sectors during the pandemic, yet Marriott International has been widely praised for sharing Read More »

Quarantines work: what history has taught us

Published: April 3, 2020

Spanish Flu Quarantine

By Sally Crocker The notion of COVID-19 social distancing seems so strange to most of us, yet quarantines for the good of public health have been around since the Middle Ages and perhaps even earlier. The practice of separating the sick to keep other populations well was, in fact, a very early public health measure Read More »

COVID-19: separating facts from fiction

Published: April 1, 2020

Covid 19 Mythbusters

By Sally Crocker Finding the truth has never been more important than in the current times, when people are searching news reports, social media and other resources for COVID-19 advice and information that might help in protecting their health and saving lives, says HSC researcher Erika Thompson, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Health Behavior and Read More »

Remembering Uncle Mark

Published: March 30, 2020

Litt Uncle Mark

Professor and family mourn the COVID-19 loss of dear relative known to many through movies, stage and TV By Sally Crocker Dr. Dana Litt remembers a lot of special things about veteran stage and film actor Mark Blum, 69, a respected fixture on the New York acting scene for decades who recently died from complications Read More »

COVID-19: Expectant parents manage in a time of uncertainty

Published: March 24, 2020

Covid 19 Hospitals A

By Sally Crocker Arthur Mora, PhD, MHA, and his wife are concerned. With two young daughters ages 5 and 3 at home and a new baby on the way in just a few short weeks, the HSC School of Public Health Chair of Health Behavior and Health Systems says he and his wife are closely Read More »

COVID-19: the importance of keeping up your social connections

Published: March 20, 2020

Family On Social Media

By Sally Crocker As more kids find themselves homebound now that families across the country are practicing safe distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it may be important to increase, rather than limit, screen time for children and teens, say two researchers at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth Read More »

COVID-19: making the most of hunkering down right now

Published: March 18, 2020

Covid 19

By Sally Crocker So you’ve heeded the warnings about the COVID-19 pandemic that has much of the world in lockdown right now. You have the food and essentials you need. You are set to work remotely, if that’s an option. You’re avoiding large gatherings and listening to officials who advise that social distancing is best Read More »

HSC introduces new MHA Online degree

Published: March 13, 2020

Mha Online

By Sally Crocker Stephan Davis, DNP, MHSA, FACHE, knows how it feels to want to be a part of making change happen. The incoming director of the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree program at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth (HSC) was practicing as a registered nurse and just Read More »

Dr. Erika Thompson honored with prestigious early-career research award

Published: March 2, 2020

Erika Thompson

By Sally Crocker Erika Thompson, PhD, MPH, was first drawn to science in the seventh grade, when her class watched and reflected on the docudrama film And the Band Played On, based on a book about people, politics and the AIDS epidemic of the early 1980s. The HSC Assistant Professor of Health Behavior and Health Read More »