ForeverFit trainers earn ACE Cancer Exercise Specialist certification

January 30, 2024 • SHP News

Foreverfit Main ScaledWhen cancer patients go through chemo, they can develop numbness or painful tingling in their hands and feet. This type of neuropathy can also cause them to lose balance, making it difficult to exercise, which has been shown in multiple studies to benefit cancer patients. Knowing this and other challenges that such patients encounter is crucial in planning their personal training regimen.

Two staff members of ForeverFit —The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth’s exercise space that offers individualized, no-cost training for cancer patients — recently earned their ACE Cancer Exercise Specialist certification from the Cancer Exercise Training Institute.

Nicole Zurita and Rachael Mouat of HSC’s Department of Personalized Health and Well-Being earned their certifications in December. Both were already certified personal trainers. This new achievement gives them an in-depth understanding of the entire cancer process from diagnoses through treatment and recovery. The duo can better design and prescribe individualized, safe and effective exercise programs for cancer patients and survivors.

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