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Through the Department of Physician Assistant Studies and the Department of Physical Therapy, the School of Health Professions delivers the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to serve in the health care professions. We also offer current health care professionals the opportunity to further their career development.

Careers as a physician assistant or a physical therapist are among the most rewarding and needed health care professions. Individuals serving in these careers have challenging and satisfying careers while enjoying considerable flexibility in their choice of practice and working conditions. Classes in both PT and PA programs include inter-professional experiences designed to prepare students to be contributing members of the health care team.

The Department of Personalized Health and Well-Being offers a Master of Science degree in Lifestyle Health Sciences & Coaching.  This innovative program is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to effectively address health behaviors and become a credentialed health and wellness coach specializing in lifestyle medicine. The foundational competencies covered will complement other HSC health professions programs as well as graduate individuals for careers in the rewarding and growing field of health and wellness coaching.

We are also offering free Community Heath Worker certification courses through a grant recently awarded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Traditionally, community health workers are the grassroots helpers invested and connected in their community. Their roles have evolved as states have begun formalizing their work as a profession. They are a conduit for health literacy, sharing health information in a way that’s culturally appropriate, understandable and usable for people who have no other way of either accessing or understanding the information in a way that’s actionable.

Our programs are accredited by the appropriate agencies.

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