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Planz lab 2010-13

Lab Alumni

Sandy Kirkpatrick,
MS. 2010.
Sandy served as lab manager from 2010-2013 heading up projects utilizing mass spectrometry for DNA interrogation. Sandy is currently an AP Biology teacher in Dallas, TX.

Taylor Howard, MS.
Thesis Title: Allele characterization of fifteen short tandem repeat loci of North American golden (Aquila chysaetos) and bald (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) eagles using next-generation sequencing. Taylor is now a Forensic DNA Analyst at the Wisconsin State Police Crime Laboratory in Madison, WI.

McKensie Kreutzer, MS. 2014. Thesis Title: Allele Characterization of Ten Short Tandem Repeat Loci of North American Bears (Ursids) Using Next-Generation Sequencing.

Sarah Mariner Oates,
2013. Thesis Title: Development of a Full Mitochondrial Genome Specific Target-enriched Library for Next Generation Sequencing Applications. Sarah is now a research technologist with Health Diagnostic Lab in Richmond, VA.

Jisel Bailon, MS. 2012. Direct Amplification of Human Mitochondrial DNA Using Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry. Jisel is currently a Criminalist with the Houston Forensic Science Center in Houston, TX.

Jamie Haas, MS. 2011.
Thesis Title: A spatial genetic survey of Odocoileus virginianus and Odocoileus hemionus in North America. Jamie is currently a Forensic DNA Analyst with Signature Science, LLC in Austin, TX.