The CRI is dedicated to providing funding for cardiovascular research and education within the UNT Health Center at Fort Worth.  The CRI works closely with the Integrative Physiology and Anatomy Department at UNTHSC in determining which research projects will provide the optimum outcomes for understanding how the cardiovascular system works and ultimately how to best combat and treat cardiovascular disease.

Some of the ongoing research focuses on determining how the brain participates in the normal regulation of blood pressure and fluid balance, a process called homeostasis.  Other studies explore how changes in the central nervous system function contribute to chronic diseases like hypertension and water or salt retention that can be associated with heart disease or liver failure.

To date, the CRI has provided intramural funding for studies which are investigating chronic hypoxia-induced neural plasticity in the central nervous system as well as studies which examine the cardioprotective action of intermittent hypoxia conditioning.

This page was last modified on December 15, 2014