Innovate Fort Worth podcast: Charlie Lass of Dallas.Inc, Fort Worth.Inc and Humble.Inc

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The average startup takes 12 months to get to market, costing $250,000 — and 95% of those companies fail, according to information published on Dallas.Inc, a startup focused on the success of other entrepreneurs.

Charlie Lass is the CEO of Dallas.Inc, its sister site, Fort Worth.Inc, and newly formed Humble.Inc. He recently sat down for an interview on the Innovate Fort Worth podcast, produced by HSC Next at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. During the podcast, Lass discussed his company’s work to support startups by catalyzing ideas into startups, as well as his work advocating for mental health among entrepreneurs

Lass and his team don’t believe that entrepreneurs should take that much risk when determining to start their company. Lass and his team have mentored more than 400 early-stage startups by focusing on “strategy, stress and validation.” Lass’ teams focus on providing coaching, mentoring and pitch practice. His programs include fundraising, incorporation, investment preparation, financial models, marketing and branding.

During the podcast, he emphasized the need for organizations to collaborate to foster innovation as a core driver of success. He highlighted the need for transparency in the entrepreneurial community. Furthermore, Lass shared his insights from a global business perspective, discussing Fort Worth’s strengths and opportunities to improve for local entrepreneurs.

“I am honored to have Charlie Lass on the podcast,” said Cameron Cushman, host of Innovate Fort Worth. “It was insightful to engage in a meaningful conversation about the real difficulties entrepreneurs face with their mental health when operating a startup. I hope that the insights shared during the episode inspire listeners to follow Charlie’s lead on embracing authenticity and transparency about success and failure in the startup scene.”

Lass, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad, discussed the importance of failing and how those experiences build stronger innovators. He explained through his own experience as an entrepreneur how stress and failure take a toll on the mental health of founders. He announced that he is launching Humble.Inc, a platform for entrepreneurs to access mental health tools and a community of transparency, to dispel the myths around entrepreneurship.

Lass shared that hustle culture has created a “success only” narrative of entrepreneurship, but does not show the long hours, the financial hardships and the often-lonely road it is to be an entrepreneur. Most successful entrepreneurs, he said, took many years to become successful and overcame many hardships along the way. He hopes to see a shift in the media culture that shows a more honest picture of the entrepreneurial journey and create a space to share the real obstacles entrepreneurs are facing.

HSC Next is a team at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in health care. The podcast features interviews with leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors, and has quickly become a go-to resource for those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the field.

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