College of Pharmacy faculty member inspires greatness, one student at a time

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Dr. Emanuel George, III, aka “DrEG3,” is on a mission to impact and serve 1 million people. He is well on his way, advocating for students, alumni and the greater pharmacy community.

“I believe that I am a servant to all people,” Dr. George said. “I hope to help people become and live as their true, authentic selves.”

As Associate Dean of Student Engagement and Alumni Affairs and Associate Professor in the College of Pharmacy’s Department of Pharmacotherapy, Dr. George espouses a motivational leadership philosophy that guides him in the classroom, in advisory roles and in the community.

With an extensive background in retail pharmacy management and experiential education spanning nearly two decades, Dr. George is passionate about small group education, one-on-one patient counseling, professional leadership and health care professional education.

“I decided on a career in pharmacy because I enjoy meeting people where they are in their health journey and in their community,” he said.

Growing up, he was inspired by the hard work of his mom and sister. “Watching my single mom put in a lot of hours and my sister go through nursing school helped shape my perspective on hard work and grit,” he said.

He may have stumbled over some obstacles along the way, but he thinks they truly prepared him for the next step.

“I believe the key to navigating them is keeping a healthy view of my priorities,” he said. “Although the pharmacist is the most accessible health care professional, the journey to becoming one is a labyrinth of math and science.”

Dr. George is a champion for leadership development. As faculty advisor for four student organizations — Pharmacy Student Government Association, Black Professional Pharmacy Association, Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International and Industry Pharmacists Organization — Dr. George encourages student leaders to strive for greatness.

Chidi Ekwueme, BPPA President and P3, welcomes Dr. George’s guidance.

“He has taught me that leadership is about working well with others and having a plan and vision to see it through. He is always pushing me to go with my instincts and do what feels right and genuine to me, always challenging me to be better.”

Leading with conviction, Dr. George’s enthusiasm is contagious. His passion for helping students embrace their unique talents and strengths to grow and excel is incomparable.

“I have the privilege of working and interacting with the most amazing group of young people who are going to change the world,” Dr. George said enthusiastically.

He claims that he’s not the one doing the inspiring. “They inspire me!” he said about the students and alumni.

The impression he makes on students is apparent. Students consistently vote for Dr. George as a favorite professor. Just this year, he was named P3 Professor of the Year, Pharmacotherapy Professor of the Year and APPE Faculty Preceptor of the Year.

“Dr. George always projects kindness and sincerely cares about how his students are doing,” said Storee Yzaguirre, P3 and PSGA Executive President. “Occasionally we’ll receive a text from him out of the blue just to check in.”

Dr. George prepares his students for the ever-evolving pharmacy profession and wants them to be well-informed, well-rounded and savvy health care professionals who are embedded in their communities.

“Along with clinical knowledge, it’s important to interact with patients respectfully and ask the right questions in order for you to take care of the patient the best way you can,” Ekwueme said. “Dr. George has taught me how to build those skills to become a well-rounded pharmacist.”

In his pharmacy management course, third-year students are charged with building a product or event based on theories discussed in class. This year, the class organized a Taste Around the World event, sampling traditional food and sharing cultures to bridge differences and elevate awareness.

“We must be proficient in managing business operations and the way in which we serve our patients,” said alumna Sanjida Hoque, PharmD, who participated in the 2019 Diversity Fair class project. “That includes knowing who they are beyond their name and their conditions.” Hoque said the experience will help students be better pharmacists.

“Through Dr. George’s courses and from interacting with him over the last few years, he has helped me shift from the mindset of ‘here is the problem’ to ‘here is the problem, now what can I do about it?’” Yzaguirre added.

An avid Saints fan hailing from New Orleans, Dr. George enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, especially going to the zoo and “movie nights” at home.

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