43 UNT Health physicians are “Top Docs”

Forty-three UNT Health physicians were named Top Docs by Fort Worth, Texas magazine in its April 2007 edition, on newsstands now.

  Below are UNT Health physicians appearing on the list. Those who are also Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine alums are so noted with the year of their graduation following their name.

  Ralph Anderson, M.D. â?? Gynecological Oncology
  Barbara Atkinson, D.O. â?? Infectious Disease
  Kendra Belfi, M.D. â?? Geriatrics
  Sam Buchanan, D.O., 1975 â?? General Surgery
  Roberto Cardarelli, D.O., 2001 â?? Family Practice
  Brian Carpenter, D.P.M. â?? Podiatry
  Kathleen Crowley, M.D. â?? Internal Medicine
  Jerry Dickey, D.O. â?? Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
  John Fling, M.D. â?? Allergy / Immunology
  Russell Gamber, D.O. â?? Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

   Paul Garcia, D.O., 1993 â?? Internal Medicine
Alan Garrett, D.P.M. â?? Podiatry
Bruce Gilfillon, D.O. â?? Pediatrics
Jennifer Heffernan, M.D. â?? Geriatrics
Long Hoang, D.O. â?? Gastroenterology
 Janice Knebl, D.O. â?? Geriatrics
Alan Levine, D.O. â?? Pediatrics
Marianne Levine, D.O., 1985 â?? Pediatrics
David Lichtman, M.D. â?? Orthopedic Surgery
Salvatore LoCoco, M.D. â?? Gynecological Oncology
Sealy Massingill, M.D. â?? Obstetrics / Gynecology

  Alvin Mathe, D.O., 1989 â?? Geriatrics and Palliative Care
William McIntosh, D.O. â?? Neurology
Travis Motley, D.P.M. â?? Podiatry
Arvind Nana, M.D. â?? Orthopedic Surgery
Carol Nati, M.D. â?? Psychiatry
David Orr, D.O., 1994 â?? Neurology
Rahul Patel, M.D. â?? Rheumatology
Raymond Pertusi, D.O. â?? Rheumatology
Alan Podawiltz, D.O. â?? Psychiatry
John Podgore, D.O. â?? Infectious Disease and Pediatrics

  Mayme Richie-Gillespie, M.D. â?? Orthopedic Surgery
Bernard Rubin, D.O. â?? Rheumatology
Phillip Saperstein, D.O. â?? Family Practice
Frederick Schaller, D.O. â?? Cardiology
Craig Spellman, Ph.D., D.O., 1991 â?? Endocrinology
Scott Stoll, D.O., 1990 â?? Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Monte Troutman, D.O. â?? Gastroenterology
Russell Wagner, M.D. â?? Orthopedic Surgery
Steve Weis, D.O. â?? Endocrinology
Martin Weiss, D.O. â?? Cardiology

  Stuart Williams, D.O., 1981 â?? Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Scott Winter, M.D. â?? Psychiatry
Albert Yurvati, D.O., 1986 â?? Cardio-Thoracic / Vascular

For more information about UNT Health, the physicians practice of UNT Health Science Center, visit www.UNTHealth.org.

  Nearly 3,000 area members of the Texas Medical Association, the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association and the Tarrant County Medical Society were asked to name the best doctors in the area for the magazine.


Contact: Lauren LaFleur 817-735-5152, cell 817-504-3603, e-mail llafleur@hsc.unt.edu.   

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