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Students in white coats
50 Heroes: HSC Student Advocates AssociationIt takes a village to guide our future health care providers throughout their medical school career. At HSC, the Student Advocates Association is a big part of that village. The Student Advocates Association (SAA) is a non-profit organization comprised of the spouses, significant others and families of Osteopathic Medical Students. SAA is a branch of the Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association, a national Read More »

Sep 21, 2020

Frank Papa, Professor, Tcom
50 Heroes: Dr. Frank PapaFrank Papa, DO, PhD, arrived at TCOM in 1979 with a keen eye towards education and research. One day a student’s question prompted him to develop a revolutionary way of diagnosing patients with acute chest pain. He was asked to explain how he was using a piece of patient data, one sign and one symptom at a Read More »

Sep 14, 2020

Dr. Michael Clearfield
50 Heroes: Dr. Michael ClearfieldDr. Michael Clearfield dedicated over two decades to developing HSC’s Internal Medicine Department into one of the largest and most productive academically in the osteopathic profession. Dr. Clearfield served as both faculty and administrator from 1979 to 2006. He served for 20 years as the Chair of Internal Medicine until he was appointed Associate Dean for Clinical Read More »

Sep 8, 2020

Bruce Budowle
50 Heroes: Dr. Bruce BudowleDr. Bruce Budowle has spent his career developing novel ways to improve forensic genetics analyses, solving mysteries and bringing answers to grieving families.  After 26 years at the FBI, Dr. Budowle, the most published faculty member at HSC, has helped to transform The HSC Center for Human Identification (CHI) into one of the world’s preeminent forensic laboratories. The 70-person team uses forensic science and databases to solve crimes and other Read More »

Aug 31, 2020

Dr. Eugene Zachary
50 Heroes: Dr. T. Eugene ZacharyA native Texan in every sense, Dr. T. Eugene Zachary was one of the most influential figures in the rise of rural osteopathic medicine and the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. He arrived at TCOM in 1980 after spending nearly two decades in Richardson, a small rural community at the time, as a family physician.    He quickly rose Read More »

Aug 24, 2020

Michele Reynolds
50 Heroes: Michele ReynoldsWhen announcing her selection as the 2015 recipient of the prestigious HSC Vision Award, President Michael Williams said of Michele Reynolds, “She is the ultimate connector.  She is constantly thinking about who needs to know more about the Health Science Center and how to connect them in a meaningful way.” Those connections have been critical to efforts to elevate Fort Worth’s understanding Read More »

Aug 17, 2020

Dr. Thomas Moorman
50 Heroes: Dr. Thomas MoormanDr. Thomas Moorman served others every day.   Whether helping students replace possessions lost to a house fire or lending a sympathetic ear to students and colleagues facing challenges, Dr. Moorman helped countless people achieve their full potential at HSC.  Fittingly, in 2015, Dr. Moorman was the first recipient of the university’s “Valubility of the Year” honor.  Many Read More »

Aug 10, 2020

Rep. Charlie Geren Fc
50 Heroes: Rep. Charlie Geren Rep. Charlie Geren has championed HSC for almost two decades.  First elected to the Texas House of Representatives District 99 in November 2000, he has advocated tirelessly for the university, its students and programs, and the many benefits HSC brings to Fort Worth.  Rep. Geren is a longtime supporter of HSC’s DNA program. His support was critical in the program becoming one of the leading Read More »

Aug 3, 2020

50 Heroes Dr. Myron Jacobson Fc
50 Heroes: Dr. Myron JacobsonDr. Myron Jacobson was the right man at the right time. After the UNT System College of Pharmacy was created in 2011, UNTHSC leaders needed someone with the vision and experience to build a high-quality program to train the providers of the future. The search led to Dr. Jacobson, a former HSC faculty member, successful Read More »

Jul 27, 2020

Albert Yurvati, Do, Facos, Fics,faha Chairman And Professor Surgery
50 Heroes: Dr. Albert YurvatiIt’s not often that a surgeon operates on one of the founders of the medical school they attended. But that’s just one of the tantalizing tales from the remarkable career of Dr. Albert Yurvati. TCOM’s Director of Medical Education and a 1986 graduate, Dr. Yurvati spent a career building a surgical legacy that will be Read More »

Jul 20, 2020