UNT System College of Pharmacy

Producing pharmacy professionals who embrace a team-based approach

The UNT System College of Pharmacy trains students to enter any area of pharmacy practice or pharmacy residency. Students will receive didactic, laboratory and experiential training, and will be required to apply what they learn in each setting.

Graduates are expected to provide patient care, including medication therapy management, and to develop life-long learning and self-evaluation skills.

The College of Pharmacy expects pharmacy professionals to fully understand the contributions of other health professionals and embrace a collaborative, team approach to health care.

As such, beginning in the first semester, students will engage in interprofessional experiential activities with other health professions students on the UNTHSC campus.

During the first and second years of the curriculum, a heavy emphasis will be placed on foundational courses in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences. During the second and third years, integrated pharmacotherapy will be taught with an organ system approach.

In the fourth year, students will engage in advanced pharmacy practice experiences. They will provide patient assessment and care through medication management; provide drug information to patients, providers and other health care professionals; engage in disease management and prevention; and engage in medication distribution through filling of prescriptions and medication orders, all under the direction of a licensed pharmacist preceptor.

We are committed to producing highly competent professionals for the provision of pharmacist-delivered patient care, including comprehensive medication therapy management services. We foster professionalism, ethical behavior and a desire to advance the practice of pharmacy and its contributions to society.