Transfer Process

Applicants for transfer consideration must do the following:

  • Complete a transfer form citing special circumstances for the request for transfer by October 1.
  • Transfer Form>
  • Request the Dean or Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the student’s home institution submit a letter attesting to the applicant’s good standing in the program and his or her eligibility to continue in that program.
  • The applicant’s transfer request will not be reviewed until the transfer form and letter are received. Then a committee of the Dean, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and the Admissions Director will consider the transfer. The Admissions Office will notify applicant of decision.

If approved to apply for transfer, the student must complete the:

  • Application Process
  • To be considered, a transfer applicant must agree to complete all Math and Science prerequisites for the College of Pharmacy by the date of matriculation; if accepted, he or she must complete all General Course requirements by the scheduled graduation date from the College of Pharmacy.
  • Prerequisites for program

Applicants for transfer who fulfill the criteria described in the above paragraphs will be invited for an interview. After the applicant has interviewed, the application and interview results will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee, which will then make a recommendation to the Dean. The Dean will determine whether to admit or deny the transfer applicant.  The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will determine the professional year of placement for the admitted applicant based on a curriculum comparison.

This page was last modified on July 1, 2019