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At HSC College of Pharmacy, you can build a strong foundation while customizing your pharmacy education to match your career goals. We’re here to help you get there.



Candidates applying for Fall 2024 with a 3.0 GPA and higher may be eligible for an Academic Achievement Award ($15,000).



Introducing FlexPharmD: Elevate your pharmacy education with flexibility.

Limited on-campus days, unlimited opportunities.

Ready to revolutionize your education and experience better work-life balance?

We’re the first in Texas to offer the innovative FlexPharmD program, which is designed to empower your educational journey while accommodating your busy lifestyle, offering a balance between academic excellence and personal freedom.

Limited Days On Campus

Embrace work-life-harmony. With limited days of required on-campus engagement, you’ll have the space to excel academically and seize opportunities beyond the classroom. Reduce travel time and living costs while prioritizing your life goals.

Unparalleled Hands-On Experience

We believe in authentic, high-quality experiences. Our focused, on-campus days provide you with intensive hands-on experiences, cutting-edge research opportunities and personalized mentorship.


Customizable Learning Opportunities

Your journey, your choice. Our flexible curriculum allows you to explore our microcredentials, online programs and dual degrees to tailor your learning to match your career aspirations.

Seamless Networking and Career Growth

Strengthen professional networking and leadership skills that open doors to diverse career avenues with access to more than 25 registered student organizations and well-connected faculty.

BE READY. We prepare you for practice, so you’re ready to make a difference.

Faculty expertise

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Clinical faculty are board-certified and practice in specialties ranging from ambulatory care and internal medicine to infectious diseases and pediatrics.

State-of-the-art facilities and interprofessional education

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We’re one of six health professions schools on one health science center campus. Located in the newest building on campus, our labs and classrooms are high tech so you leave well-equipped.

Strong employment and residency match

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We prepare student pharmacists for diverse career opportunities in a continuously evolving health care landscape with 95% of our graduates employed in pharmacy professions or in post-doctoral programs.

BE CURIOUS. Discover your full potential.

Explore. Grow. Connect. Our program helps you nurture your interests to discover your best career path.

Explore new skills

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Sharpen your skills through unique electives, including advanced compounding, pharmacometrics and pharma-biotech industry internships, among others.

Specialized career paths

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Built on the strength of the PharmD program and faculty expertise, additional certificate programs, master’s degrees and dual degrees are available to pursue specialized career paths.

Gain research experience

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We are among the top four pharmacy schools in Texas for research grant funding. Students are an integral part of the faculty’s research activities with abundant opportunities ranging from pharmaceutical sciences to clinical to health outcomes research.

BE ENCOURAGED & INSPIRED. We care about you and your success.

Caring faculty and staff

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Our faculty, staff and student navigators have an open-door policy and are located just steps away from the classrooms and labs, ready to help.

Student satisfaction rating is 98%

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Hear what our students say about their experiences.

BE YOURSELF. There’s something for everyone at HSC.

Connect with others

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With 25 registered student organizations and counting, students can explore and participate in numerous networking, leadership and community service activities.

A pharmacy student’s journey

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Pharmacy is a rewarding profession involving much, much more than managing medications. As a pharmacist, you’ll be part of an innovative and diverse profession that offers many career possibilities and pathways.

  • Pharmacists can practice in a variety of unique settings, allowing you to select the path that best aligns with your strengths.
  • Pharmacists are ranked as some of the most highly trusted professionals as they provide important health-related services.
  • Pharmacy is an exciting career with job security and room to grow. In Texas, workers on average earn $131,830. (Source)