Staff Spotlight: Meet the Coyles – A Match Made in Pharmacy

February 13, 2022 • Uncategorized

Photo of the Coyles on the ranch
The Coyles on the ranch near Columbus, Texas.

If you’ve had any involvement with the College of Pharmacy, chances are, you have crossed paths with the Coyles – Donna and Russell Coyle. Married for 33 years, Donna and Russell have managed to work together for over half of that time.

Russell and Donna joined the College of Pharmacy in 2013 and 2015, respectively, after being recruited by the founding Dean, Dr. Myron Jacobson. “We previously had the privilege of working together in many of Drs. Mike and Elaine Jacobson’s research and entrepreneurial endeavors, including Niadyne, Inc. and Niadyne Pharma, as well as members of their research team at the University of Arizona,” Russell said.

They both have a strong commitment to excellence, collaboration and the success of the college, as evidenced by their recent HSC recognition. Donna, Director of Research, was the recipient of the college’s inaugural Outstanding Service Award in 2020, and Russell, Director of Student Experience and Academic Services, was recognized as Valubility of the Month recipient for October/November 2018 and January 2022.

Fun facts about the Coyles:

  • Both hailing from South Texas, they were introduced by Donna’s cousin while attending Texas Lutheran College. They married December 23, 1988 in Columbus, Texas.
  • With family in South Texas and a ranch to tend to near Columbus, they spend many weekends and vacations working on the property. “We enjoy spending time in the country, being outdoors and working on the ranch,” Russell said.
  • They also enjoy gardening, reading, traveling and Fort Worth restaurants. Some of their favorites are Kincaid’s Hamburgers, Thai Palace, Grimaldi’s and Fireside Pies. “But Russell likes pizza and fried chicken from just about anywhere,” Donna added. They also enjoy having lunch together almost every day at HSC!
  • On the job, they have worked on many different types of projects together relating to computer and electronic technology, research databases, development of digital methods to capture metrics and analyze histology slides, assisting in the organization and hosting of two international scientific meetings and as part of the team developing and marketing skin care products.
  • They have also been fortunate to have traveled to numerous countries to attend international scientific meetings together in
    Photo of The Coyles in Europe
    At the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland.

    the past, including Lisbon, Portugal, Zurich, Switzerland and Tomakomai, Japan, where they hiked up Mount Tarumae. (For a funny story, ask Russell about the first time they visited Heidelberg, Germany.)

  • They enjoy the daily commute together while Donna reads the highlights and birthdays from the Daily News to Russell as he drives.