Leadership Team

Jacobson Myron Jacobson, PhD
lubawy William Lubawy, PhD
Special Assistant to the Dean for Program Development (part time)
dcoyle Donna Coyle, MS, CCRP
Senior Program Manager
Austin Luna, MPH
Academic Program Coordinator
rcoyle Russell Coyle, BA
Senior Program Manager
Tina Machu, PhD Tina Machu, RPh, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Jann Michael Jann, PharmD
Chairman, Department of Pharmacotherapy
Owen Angie Owen, BA
Senior Executive Assistant
 lkw  Lisa Killam-Worrall, PharmD
Assistant Dean for Experiential Education
ihp Iok-Hou Pang, PhD
Chairman, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
white Annesha White, PharmD, MS, PhD
Assistant Dean for Assessment



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