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Q. Where is the UNT System College of Pharmacy located?
A. We are located in Fort Worth, Texas at the UNT Health Science Center. Our address is 3500 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76107

Q. Where is the UNT System College of Pharmacy Admissions Office located?
A. We are located on the first floor of the Student Service Center 1051 Haskell Ave in Suite 170.
Our mailing address is: UNT System College of Pharmacy, 3500 Camp Bowie Blvd, SSC 170, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Q. Is housing available for students?
A. No, but students may find housing information at the Official Off-Campus Housing Listing Service offered for the UNT Health Science Center. If admitted into the program you will be provided with housing information at Discover myHSC Day in April of your matriculating year.

Q. Will I be permitted to take PharmD courses at the UNT Denton campus?
A. No, all PharmD coursework must be completed at the UNT Health Science Center.

Q. Will all my training take place in Fort Worth, Texas?
A. The first three years of your training will take place in Fort Worth. Your last year will be comprised of clinical rotations which may be located outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

Q. How long will it take to graduate?
 The PharmD program is a four (4) year program.

Q. Do you have Spring start dates?
A. No, all classes begin in the Fall.

Q. How important is it that I have a pharmacy technician certification or an actual job in a pharmacy prior to applying?
A. While it is not necessary to have a Pharmacy Technician certification or an actual job in a pharmacy prior to applying, it is advantageous to be well versed in the profession.

Q. Could you describe the curriculum?
A. The specifics of the Curriculum. In general, the PharmD curriculum is a mix of classroom and laboratory instruction, as well as pharmacy practice experiences, in which students will work in local pharmacies, hospitals, etc. Since the program is delivered on the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth, pharmacy students will have the opportunity to work with students training in other areas of health care, such as medicine, physician assistant, physical therapy, and public health.

Q. How do I make my application competitive?
A. To be competitive, you should have the following:

  • Leave no blanks on your pharmacy applications
  • Math and Science GPA >2.50
  • Overall GPA >2.50
  • PCAT composite score at least a 40%
  • Healthcare experience – does not need to be pharmacy experience, but it is preferred.
  • Volunteer experience – very important
  • Community service experience – very important
  • Pharmacy Shadowing experience
  • Excellent Letters of Recommendation – preferably from professors and supervisors (work or volunteer experience) who can comment on your academic, work or volunteer performance
  • Interview well when invited to interview for a seat in the class (practicing mock interviews is very helpful)
  • Know the difference between Pharmacy and Pharmacology
    • Pharmacy is a professional field and area of study, while Pharmacology is a more specific science that is studied either in its own right or as part of the study of Pharmacy or other fields like Medicine. Pharmacology is the science pertaining to the effect of drugs on the body.

Q. I have a lot of volunteer and extracurricular activities from High School should I include them in my application?
No, please list only volunteer extracurricular activities post high school in your application.

Q. Do you offer Dual Degrees
Yes, Applicants must first be accepted into the PharmD program before applying for a Dual Degree.
The UNTHSC Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), in collaboration with the UNT System College of Pharmacy (SCP), offers PharmD/MS and PharmD/PhD Dual Degree programs to some of our highly motivated and capable PharmD students to pursue a research degree (MS or PhD) in addition to the PharmD degree at UNTHSC.

Dual Degree students gain additional knowledge in biomedical sciences and have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research in any field pertaining to the interests of the students and their faculty mentors. Dual degree graduates shall have broader career options in clinical or retail pharmacy, research in academic or government laboratories, as well as in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry.

Q. Do you need a Bachelor’s degree to be accepted into the Dual Degree program?

Q. How many students will be admitted?
A. We can accept up to 100 students each academic year.

Q. Do you accept transfer students from other Pharmacy Schools?
A. Applicants for transfer consideration are accepted on a case by case basis.  For further information click on the following: Transfer Process

Q. Will you offer online courses?
A. No distance learning courses will be offered.

Q. Will I be able to work and go to school?
A. It is not recommended, during the first year, due to the rigor of the curriculum.

Q. Can I be a part-time student?
A. No.

Q. What is your tuition?
A. Please go to our Tuition and Fees link: Cost & Financial Aid

Q. Can I apply for financial aid?
A. Yes, if eligible. Financial Aid

Q. Will scholarships be available?
A. There are a limited number of UNTHSC and College of Pharmacy scholarships. Please check with Financial Aid for scholarships and deadlines: Scholarships

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