College of Pharmacy

Criminal Background Check & Drug Screening

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy and many health care organizations and institutions require criminal background checks. The UNT System College of Pharmacy will require a criminal background check and drug screening for all accepted applicants.

Students with a disqualifying criminal conviction(s) and/or drug screening results, as determined by a healthcare institution, may be prevented from participating in Introductory/Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE/APPE) that are required for completion of the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.


  • will prohibit you from getting most health profession licenses
  • will prohibit you from getting into most health profession programs
  • may cause you to lose your license if the crime is committed after licensure


  • may create problems for admission into health profession programs and licensure
    • especially if there are multiple offenses and they involve alcohol or other drugs
    • may result in your being monitored for an indefinite period

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