How to Obtain Tissue

Donor Tissue to UNT Health Science Center is registered through the Texas State Anatomical Board.

The mission of the Anatomical Board is to facilitate the distribution of deceased human remains for the purpose of teaching and research. In doing so, the Board protects the interests of donors and their families by requiring that only authorized educational and medical institutions receive human remains, and that the remains are treated with dignity and respect.

Learn more about the State Anatomical Board.

Obtaining Tissue

Many areas of medical education, research, and training depend on the use of donate human tissue. Scientists, Physicians, Surgeons, and other health care providers need access to human tissue to ensure quality patient care for generations to come.

Our Services

  • UNTHSC is a safe source of human tissue for medical education, research and training, procured by our trained laboratory staff.
  • Tissue orders are customized to meet the clients needs.
  • Serology testing is performed and results are supplied to the client.
  • A complete medical and social history of the donor with each human tissue specimen.
  • Safe packaging for shipping and return of tissue.
  • All tissue is logged, tracked and cremated at the completion of studies per Texas State Anatomical Board regulations.

Additional services

  • Ct Scans
  • X-ray

To request tissue, complete this form, or contact us at 817-735-2047 or