Anatomy Faculty and Staff



Rusty Reeves (2019)


Rustin Reeves, PhD  

Professor & Director
Musculoskeletal biomechanics, education science
Echo Headshot 2

Elizabeth Cho, PhD

Assistant Professor
Biological anthropology, thermoregulatory anatomy, forensic sciences

Nicole Crowe, MS, PA(ASCP)CM

Instructor & Lab Manager
Biological anthropology, pathology, histology
Graci Finco Headshot (cropped 2)  

Graci Finco, PhD, CPO

Assistant Professor
Joint appointment in Physical Therapy
Locomotor biomechanics, Prosthetic & orthotic design
Heads Up October 21, 2020. Photo By Joyce Marshall


Lauren Gonzales, PhD

Assistant Professor
Biological anthropology, primate evolution, sensory anatomy
Kate Picture (crop)


Kate Lesciotto, JD, PhD, D-ABFA

Assistant Professor
Biological anthropology, forensic sciences, craniofacial anatomy
Rehana Lovely


Rehana Lovely, PhD

Assistant Professor
Human variation, clinical anatomy, cardiovascular disease
Scott Maddux


Scott Maddux, PhD

Associate Professor
Biological anthropology, human evolution, thermoregulatory anatomy
Rachel Menegaz


Rachel Menegaz, PhD

Associate Professor & STARS Graduate Advisor
Evolutionary biology, craniofacial biomechanics


Bern Perchalski, PhD

Assistant Professor
Biological anthropology, primate evolution, locomotor biomechanics
Rosales 3 Crop


Armando Rosales, MD

Associate Professor
Surgical anatomy, human variation, education science


Tara Tovar-Vidales, PhD

Ocular anatomy, histology, glaucoma

Affiliated Faculty

Rita Patterson Professor Family Medicine


Rita Patterson, PhD

Professor, Associate Dean for Research (TCOM)
Biomechanical engineering, kinematics, motion capture
Marc Crawford (2)


Marc Crawford, PT, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Spine biomechanics, orthopedic evaluation
Rainwater2 Crop2

Christopher Rainwater, PhD

Chief Forensic Anthropologist, Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Center for Anatomical Sciences, UNTHSC
Forensic anthropology, skeletal trauma, bone biology


Melissa Henson


Melissa Henson

Operations Analyst

Claudia Pic


Claudia Yellott

Willed Body Program Manager

Tyler Pic2


Tyler Johnson

Willed Body Program Lab Coordinator

Grace Pic2


Grace Hallgarth

Willed Body Program Anatomical Embalmer

Angela Pic3


Angela Schumacher

Willed Body Program Anatomical Embalmer

Frankie Pic


Frankie Washington III

Willed Body Program Anatomical Embalmer


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