PolicyTech FAQs

Where are UNTHSC’s policies located and how can I access them?

UNTHSC Policies are located on PolicyTech which can be accessed via our policy page or insite.

Policies, procedures and other documents are searchable by keywords, titles and reference numbers. For visual guidance on accessing policies, check out the UNTHSC Policies Access Tutorial.

Why are policies being moved to PolicyTech?

This system will enable UNTHSC to improve efficiency and provide staff and students with easy access to all the policy documents that they need.

In general, Policy Tech will;

  • Serve as a central repository for all policies, procedures and documents
  • Standardize the development and approval process for UNTHSC policies
  • Help Staff and Students find documents with ease, in a searchable and accessible format.

How can I get a hard copy of a policy?

Polices that are accessed through PolicyTech can be downloaded and printed. You can also share a policy using the url link in the overview tab of a policy. To see how it’s done, watch the 5 minute UNTHSC Policies Access Tutorial.

My department has existing policies that should be placed in PolicyTech, what do we need to do?

The Institutional Compliance & Integrity (ICI) team works with policy owners to develop, and maintain effective policies. Email a copy of the policy to Compliance@unthsc.edu and we will ensure that the policy is accessible via PolicyTech.

How do I get clarification on a policy?

Normally, you should contact the responsible office that owns the policy however; any unresolved questions can be directed to the Office of Compliance & Integrity.  Compliance@unthsc.edu

What’s the difference between policies and procedures?

Policies are the guidelines or laws that drive processes and procedures. Procedures are the detailed steps required to perform an activity within a process.

We have policies on our department website, how do we get them into PolicyTech?

Notify Compliance and a team member will add the policy to PolicyTech and send you a direct link to be used on your website.

I’m a policy owner, how can I learn more about how policies are developed and added to the policy system?

The Institutional Compliance & Integrity team is offering a series of workshops on effective policy writing and management. This series will be helpful to  anyone that’s responsible for distributing policies, policy management, writing and review.

Essentially this workshop will:

  • Highlight key features and benefits of Policy Tech
  • Demonstrate how automated workflows in Policy Tech can simplify the review and approval process of your policies
  • Establish tools to keep documents up-to-date and always consistent
  • Provide definitive tips and resources for writing and managing effective policies

To get updated information on when the workshops will be held, send a message to compliance@unthsc.edu.

This page was last modified on May 3, 2019