IT Off-boarding Checklist

As our users transition from and leave their role as employees, contractors, or faculty, or even transition from one UNTHSC department to another, the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of UNTHSC information resources must be considered in all employment actions.  During the off-boarding process, the risk of loss or destruction to information sources is at its highest.  This Off-Boarding Checklist is meant to assist departments, managers, and employees in protecting UNTHSC data and information resources.  this checklist is a guide and, while not inclusive, will better ensure a smoother transition.



Collect any UNTHSC issued devices. Use Property Custody Receipts or check with Property Control for a complete listing of issued devices.


Work with the employee to transfer data from their OneDrive or local files to the departmental network drive.

Local data cannot be accessed after departure date without HR and departmental consent.

If the employee is the owner of any UNTHSC file share, please modify ownership.

Instruct employee to remove any personal information from all UNTHSC systems.


If employee is owner of any Forms, Surveys, or an instructor in an LMS course in, please modify ownership in the respective tools (Qualtrics, Formstack, Canvas, etc.)

If employee owns/uses specialized/purchased software, contact the ITS Helpdesk to modify ownership or install on another user’s computer.


Mailbox access will be removed upon official notification of termination or departure.

The employee mailbox will be removed from the system 30 days from the departure date unless required for business continuity.

If an employee requires access to email after their departure date, please request this access prior to departure.

If the department requires access to the employees email after the departure date, please request at prior to or with notification of the departure to ensure timely access.

Request for continued access or departmental access must be approved by HR.

If employee manages another user’s calendar/email, please transfer permissions.

If an employee is the owner or manager of a Microsoft Team or Office 365 Group, modify ownership.

If you would like an out-of-office message for email, please set one up as soon as possible prior to an employee’s departure as access to the account will require approval after the departure date.


Department must retrieve and change credentials to shared departmental resources.

If the employee has access or ownership to institutional or departmental social media accounts, the department must modify ownershiop or access rights upon departure.

Access to third party applications or resources that are not integrated with UNTHSC central authentication should be removed upon departure date.

System custodians must be notified as soon as possible upon departure so that institutional and third-party access can be removed in a timely manner.