Training and Awareness


Annual Security Awareness Training for Non-students

Employee Isat
Annual security training required for all faculty, staff, contractors, and all other users of information resources at UNTHSC excepting students.

Cyber Security Training for IT Professionals

It Csat
Cyber Security Training for Information Technology professionals or those who have elevated or administrative access to information resources.

More training modules:

Creating a Cyber Secure Home

Creating A Cyber Secure Home 2015

Protecting Your Kids Online

Module19 Protectingyourkidsonline New

Social Networks

Ouch March 20189(250x140)

Cloud Services

Ouch November2016 01



Physical Security

Cyber 900


Morals And Ethics

Personally Identifiable Information(PII)


Working remotely



Digital Key

Targeted Attacks


Insider Threat

Hacking 2903156 1280

International Travel

Stayingsecureontheroad 01

Federal Personally Identifiable Information (Federal PII)1160438707001 5209957407001 5209910465001 Vs

Federal Tax Information

190117 F Db163 1026

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

Glba 300x170


International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)The Three Rs Of Export Compliance

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice