Apply Now for the Horsman McFadden HSC Employee Endowed Scholarship!

Employee's Spouse or Dependents Attending HSC

If you are an employee’s spouse or a dependent attending at HSC, please APPLY NOW for this scholarship.

Employee Attending HSC or Another Accredited College/University

If you are an employee who is attending at HSC or another accredited college, please APPLY NOW for this scholarship.

Employee’s Spouse and/or Dependents Attending Another Accredited College/University (Not HSC)

If you are an employee’s spouse or a dependent attending an accredited college or university (Not HSC), please APPLY NOW for this scholarship.

Horsman McFadden Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions


Past Recipient Testimonials

“Recipients of this award are so blessed by Rand Horsman’s 25 years of leadership at UNTHSC and his generosity to continue giving to others after his retirement. I hope through my continued hard work that I will someday be in a position to give back like Mr. Horsman.”

“Being a single parent with twins in college and my eldest applying for post-grad study funds are very tight, as I’m sure you can imagine. This scholarship helps me offset the costs of my own education. Now that the kids have ‘left the nest’, it’s my turn to finally finish that Master’s degree I’ve been working on for years. This scholarship helps to make that possible.”

“Thanks to the Horsman McFadden HSC Team Member Scholarship Program, my goals are within reach. I hope that one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

“As a full-time worker with three small children and another dependent child, and no family in Texas, this scholarship allows me to provide appropriate child care for my kids while I pursue my degree.”