University Assessment Committee

HSC IREB BuildingThe mission of the University Assessment Committee (UAC) is to engage in the assessment of student learning and administrative effectiveness at the university-level.

FY22 Committee Membership

NameAffiliationCommittee Position
Robert C. Haight, PhD, MPAUniversity Assessment and AccreditationChair
Rance Berg, PhDSchool of Biomedical Science 
Lisa Hodge, PhDSchool of Biomedical Science 
Ryan Seals, DOTexas College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Celia Scott, PhDTexas College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Jin Liu, PhDCollege of Pharmacy 
Annesha White, PharmD, MS, PhDCollege of Pharmacy 
Ashley Gentry, MPAS, PA-CSchool of Health Professions 
Tracey Barnett, PhDSchool of Public Health 
Rebel JonesTesting and Evaluation Services 
Damian Torres  
Honor AndersonDivision of Academic Innovation 
Elizabeth SpeerGibson D. Lewis Health Science Library 
Renetta NailHuman Resources 
Richard NimzInformation Technology 
Kemptor LouisFinance 
Maurice WadlingtonUniversity Assessment and Accreditationex-officio, non-voting
Valerie JohnsonUniversity Assessment and Accreditationex-officio, non-voting