Surgery Core Clerkship

Course Number: MEDE 8811
Clerkship Length: 6 Weeks
Surgery COMAT required

Syllabus available in Canvas and eMedley

This course is a required six-week clerkship in surgery designed to provide the student with a balanced, multidisciplinary perspective of the surgical sciences. The objectives are to provide an understanding of the surgical management of disease, to illustrate special problems encountered with surgical patients, to fix clearly in the student’s mind the means available for establishing diagnoses of surgical problems, to expose the student to the expectations and limitations of appropriate surgical theory, and to give students familiarity in the pre- and post-operative care of patients. Additional asynchronous educational opportunities are competency based and include case based problem solving modules.

Students will complete discussion postings and case reports while on the core surgery clerkship.

Clerkship Coordinator

Celeste Castorena

Clerkship Director

Albert H Yurvati DO, PhD, FACOS, FICS, FAHA