Tax Information


*F1 and J1 visa holders may request the Glacier Tax Preparation Access Code.  Access codes will be available beginning February 09, 2022 *


If you were present in F-1, F-2, J-1, or J-2 status in the United States during any portion of the calendar year 2021 you are required to file tax Form 8843 with the IRS.  ALL F-1 students are required to complete Form 8843, even if you did not have employment!

Form-8843 (for the year 2021 will be available in early 2022)

If you did not have employment in 2021, you are still required to complete and submit Form 8843.  It is a very simple and easy form and can be done without Glacier Tax Prep assistance. If you did earn income in 2019 Form 8843 will be one of the forms you will complete through Glacier Tax Prep.

Non-Resident for Tax Purposes (Form 1040NR Information)

Nonresident aliens are taxed on most income from U.S. sources and have taxes withheld at graduated rates based on the Form W-4 submitted.  Generally, if you have been in F1 status for 0-5 years, you are considered a non-resident for tax purposes.  You are considered a non-resident for tax purposes for 0-2 years in J1 status.  The Glacier Tax Prep can only be used by non-residents for tax purposes.  Glacier specifically helps non-residents file form 1040NR.  This means you cannot use other online tax software as it will not have you file the correct form 1040NR.

Resident for Tax Purposes (Form 1040 Information)

Resident aliens are taxed like U.S. citizens, including FICA withholding (Social Security and Medicare Tax), on their worldwide income and may claim the same deductions and exemptions as U.S. citizens. If you have been in the US for more than 5 years as an F1 visa holder or 2 years as a J1 visa holder you are considered a resident for tax purposes and you *CANNOT* use Glacier Tax Prep.  This also includes if your status has changed from F1 or J1 to H1B.  H1B visa holders are typically considered residents for tax purposes.  Residents cannot use the Glacier Tax Prep.  Residents must file form 1040 and are free to use any tax software (other than Glacier) to help you file taxes.

Glacier Tax Prep

The International Student Office is pleased to announce the availability of Glacier Tax Prep free of charge to UNT Health Science Center students, alumni, scholars, and faculty who are F1 or J1 non-residents for tax purposes. Glacier Tax Prep is a web-based income tax preparation system designed for international students, scholars, and faculty who file forms 1040NR and Form 8843 as Non-Residents for tax purposes. Glacier Tax Prep is not an online tax filing system. It will walk you through the process and allow you to print the required federal income tax forms (8843, 1040NR) for you to print, sign, and send to the US Department of the Treasury via postal mail.

If you have been in the U.S. as an F1 visa holder for LESS than 5 years you CANNOT use any online tax filing system such as Turbotax, H&R Block, Intuit or similar programs.  These programs assume you are a resident for tax purposes and your taxes will be calculated erroneously using the incorrect form.


How to use Glacier Tax Prep

In order to use the software, you must first be issued a Glacier Tax Prep access code by the International Student Office. You must go to the Engage system and fill out the request form to be issued an access code. The form is now available: GLACIER TAX PREP ACCESS CODE FORM  Walk-ins or email requests will not be issued a code. Once you have submitted the request form, the Office of International Services will then contact you with your personalized code. Do not share your code with anyone else as each UNTHSC student will be issued a separate code. The codes will be available beginning February 9, 2022.

You will need to create a UserID and Password when you log on for the first time. Do not forget this information so you can access GTP later in a future year. If you used GTP last year, use the same user ID and password as last year.

You should have all documents regarding current and prior visits to the U.S. available before logging into GTP.  You should set aside approximately 20-30 minutes to devote to completing the process – it’s much easier to do it all at once than to have to start and stop repeatedly.

Please have the following documents before completing Glacier Tax Prep:

  • Visa (if applicable);
  • Passport;
  • Form DS-2019, if in J-1 visa status;
  • Form I-20, if in F-1 visa status;
  • Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number;
  • Forms W-2 (will be sent to international students who worked on campus from the UNT Payroll Office.  You may be able to access it electronically from your myHSC portal)
  • 1042-S, and/or 1099 (if any); Not all students will receive the 1042-S, please see more details below
  • Scholarship/fellowship grant letter you may have received (if any)
  • Dates of travel in and out of the U.S. in past 3 years, (electronic I-94)

Tax Forms:

Below is a list of common forms F1 students may receive.  Do not be alarmed if you do not receive any of the forms below.  Tax forms will be issued based on individual needs such as marriage (your spouse’s visa type, (if any), home country, and tax treaties.  The ISO is not a tax office and we greatly encourage you to use the Glacier Tax Preparation system to minimize errors or the need for amendments.

W-2: All employees who have taxable income from employment in the United States will receive a Form W-2, which is a statement of earnings. Form W-2 is essential for filing a tax return. This form will be sent to the home address of the employee.  Employers must send this no later than January 31st.

1042-S: All nonresident aliens who received income as Graduate Financial Aid Stipends, Taxable Room and Board, Prizes and Awards for achievements, Consultant fees, Honorarium payments, wages exempt from taxes due to Tax Treaty Benefits with their home countries, and Per Diem expenses will receive a Form 1042-S, which is a statement of that type of income received during the year. This form will be sent to your home address from UNT System Business Services office.  Please be sure to update your address in your MyHSC profile.  Not everyone who earned income at UNTHSC will receive a Form 1042-S. If you believe you should have received Form 1042-S but did not, or if you have questions about your Form 1042-S, contact the UNT Tax Accountant at

1095-C:  This form is given to report insurance coverage throughout the year.  It is generally not required to be filed with your tax documents.

1098-T: This is information relating to the Hope and Lifetime Learning credits. Generally, Forms 1098-T are not applicable to students who are nonresidents for tax purposes.

1099R: Students who had income withheld as part of the Public Employment Retirement System (PERS). Such withholding happens when students work and are not enrolled (typically over the summer).

1099INT: From a bank for interest earned on checking/savings accounts. This is not reportable income for nonresident aliens.

1099DIV: Interest earned on investments. This is reportable income.

1099G: State income tax return received from the previous tax year. It is reportable income if it was used to lower a federal income earned from the previous tax year.

1099MISC: Income earned from various sources other than as an employee.


All information you enter into GTP is encrypted and secured via SSL technology.