School of Biomedical Sciences

GSBS Essentials of Bioscience Courses

New Online Courses for Students seeking Admission into Medical/Dental/Pharmacy School or Biomedical Graduate Programs

Essentials of Bioscience Courses

The Graduate School of Biomedical Science at the University of North Texas Health Science Center offers three foundational courses for anyone interested in pursuing a professional degree in the health sciences (e.g., MD, DO, DDS/DMD, PharmD, etc.). The three courses, covering the disciplines of Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, will help students bridge any foundational gaps in basic science knowledge, to better prepare them for the rigors of professional programs in the health sciences. Students can register for any one or more of the three courses entitled, “Essentials of Biochemistry”, “Essentials of Cell Biology”, and “Essentials of Human Genetics”. These courses are offered using highly interactive and innovative methods of online delivery that include problem-solving sessions and group discussion boards.