Plate Readers

plate readers



Between the CBH-201 and RES-208 Discovery Centers, there are a variety of plate readers available to suit your research needs. Details of the Molecular Devices models in both labs can be found in the table below. RES-208 also houses an electrochemiluminescence detector system (see below table).



Model VersaMAX SpectraMAX Gemini SpectraMAX Plus SpectraMAX GeminiXS SpectraMAX 340pc
Location CBH-201 RES-208
VIS Absorbance x x x
UV Absorbance x
Fluorescence x x
Wavelength Selection
x x x x x
Range (nm)
340-850 250-850 190-1000 250-850 340-850
96 well 6-384 well 96 well, cuvette 6-384 well 96 well
Endpoint x x x x x
Kinetic x x x x x
Spectral Scanning x x x
Range Maximum (°C)
45 45 45 45 45


MSD electrochemiluminescence detector system
Meso Scale Discovery SECTOR® Imager 2400

  • Electrochemiluminescence detection
  • Single and multiplex plate formats
  • Highly sensitive imaging detection systems
  • Rapid read times (reads a plate in just over 3 minutes)
  • Workstation or automated operation
  • Simultaneous reading of bar code labels on both short and long sides of microplates
  • Six logs dynamic range
  • No complicated fluidics



Potential uses of these readers include:

  • Cellular and molecular binding studies
  • Nucleic acid and Protein quantitation
  • Cytotoxicity assays
  • SNP genotype detection and molecular beacons
  • Enzyme activity asays

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