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Laboratory Approval Process for Animal Use

If you have a new laboratory space, and plan to use animals in it, please follow this process to have the laboratory approved for animal use.

Step 1: Request Form

The Laboratory Approval Request Form allows us to receive preliminary information for the use of the laboratory and the species involved. This will help us tailor the inspection for your specific laboratory needs.

Laboratory Approval Request Form

Step 2: Inspection

All laboratories will need to be inspected for animal use before animals can be taken into the laboratory space. Inspections are then performed semi-annually in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act and PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.

Step 3: Amendment

Once you receive laboratory approval from the inspection, if the laboratory is not listed on your protocol, please complete the Animal Use Protocol Amendment form and send it to to add the room location to your protocol.


Visit the IACUC SOPs page for further information on IACUC procedures for animal use in laboratory space:

    • IACUC SOP 024: Laboratory Approval for Animal Use (including housing of animals for greater than 12 hours or overnight)
    • IACUC SOP 022: Animal Transport
    • IACUC SOP 050: Standards for Sanitization of Animal Use Laboratories
    • IACUC SOP 049: Use of Gas Anesthesia Vaporizers and Scavenging Systems
    • IACUC SOP 034: Rodent Surgery
    • IACUC SOP 027: Occupational Health Program
    • IACUC SOP 017: Sharps Disposal