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In the Ebola hot zoneFor years, Patrick Moonan has pursued tuberculosis outbreaks across the world, from urban neighborhoods in the United States to remote villages in southern Africa. In September 2014, the senior epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took on a new adversary — the Ebola virus. Though he had never worked in Ebola hot Read More »

Sep 22, 2015

Terry Stevenson UNTHSC
Helping others despite a shocking diagnosisTerry Stevenson almost couldn’t believe the words she was hearing about the results of a recent CT scan: “Metastatic cancer ….” But a diagnosis of stage four metastatic lung cancer hasn’t kept her from the job she loves. Stevenson, a Clinic Service Representative Lead at UNT Health Science Center, says she thrives on the work Read More »

Sep 14, 2015

UNTHSC Met Building
Transformation prepares UNTHSC for the futureImagine teams of extraordinary researchers and clinicians from different disciplines working together to create solutions for the biggest health problems facing Texas. Each scientist or physician contributes his or her own unique skills, knowledge and ideas, collaborating in unique ways that create innovation and push the boundaries of discovery. At UNT Health Science Center, that Read More »

Sep 1, 2015

Knee Replacement Research Team
Where medicine meets mechanical engineeringShare this story on Twitter Unique collaboration with @UTEP could result in more natural knee replacements. http://t.co/3dPDe0NUXD pic.twitter.com/uvC0s5PdrI — UNTHSC (@UNTHSC) September 5, 2015 Following a total knee replacement, patients often discover that their new implant does not feel or function as naturally as they hoped. But what if there was an implant that closely Read More »

Aug 27, 2015

A passion for serviceWelcome to a new class The UNT System College of Pharmacy, located on the campus of UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth, welcomed a new class of 110 students last week. In total, we’re educating 270 pharmacists of the future. The System College of Pharmacy produces professionals who embrace a team-based approach in caring Read More »

Aug 18, 2015

Sleep Apnea Research Brandy Roane
A more patient-friendly solution for sleep apneaMasks worn by those with sleep apnea can leak at night and be so uncomfortable that they often drive users away from treatment. But a new system being developed by researchers at UNT Health Science Center and The University of Texas at Arlington could make it easier for the estimated 18 million people with sleep Read More »

Aug 17, 2015

Investigating the link between sleep apnea and high blood pressureWhen people with sleep apnea stop breathing at night, it’s no surprise that their blood pressure goes up. But what’s less well known is that it stays that way, long after one’s breathing returns to normal. Researchers at UNT Health Science Center want to figure out why and hope that discovery will lead to better Read More »

Aug 10, 2015

A diagnosis, and then a deliveryThirty-five weeks pregnant with twins, Shelley Long had grown accustomed to the endless aches and pains of a multiple pregnancy. But the throbbing in her right calf worried her. She reported the leg pain to medical staff twice during visits to a hospital to have her blood pressure monitored, but was told the discomfort was Read More »

Aug 5, 2015

VALUABILITY ONE Myriam Martinez Banuelos FC1
Proudly announcing our first Valubility of the Month recipientsTeammates linked by sacrifice, dependability and effort There are common threads woven throughout the nominations for the inaugural recipients of UNT Health Science Center’s Valubility of the Month: sacrifice, teamwork, dependability, effort. Nominate your teammates for the next Valubility of the Month at valubility@unthsc.edu or  www.unthsc.edu/valubility. Nicki McGee is always willing to help. Meagan Cross is someone that everyone Read More »

Jul 31, 2015

Yurvati changes lives by listening to the patientAlbert H. Yurvati, DO, knows their life stories. The International Harvester designer’s granddaughter, driving a restored ’64 Scout, broadsided on her 50th birthday and in pain for so long she wondered if life was worth living. The teenage basketball star, benched with chronic pain while her team headed for a state title, told by her Read More »

Jul 30, 2015