Our faculty continue to be at the forefront of medical research that has led to breakthrough discoveries in Alzheimer’s disease, eye disease, forensic identification, and more.

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We continue to be the leader in research growth among health science centers in Texas. Funding for our research comes from a variety of sources: private foundations, federal funding, and the National Institutes of Health.

“In Fiscal Year 2022 alone, research awards totaled more than $100 million — a record high for HSC.”

So far in the current fiscal year, we surpassed that total with one grant! The HSC Institute for Translational Research was awarded $148.78 million from the National Institute of Health — which is considered the highest standard for research funding.

Some of our strongest areas of research include the Center for Human Identification, Center for Health Aging, Center for Health Policy, North Texas Eye Research Institute, Texas Center for Health Disparities and Institute for Translational Research.

SOURCE: HSC Research Administration