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10 Things that Require Zero Talent

May 4, 2016 • Leadership, Values

Leadership lessons are everywhere.

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Recently, a graphic has been floating around social media titled, “10 Things That Require Zero Talent.”  They are simple leadership characteristics that you do not have to have an innate talent for, but can work at to build your leadership capabilities and get results. These ten words really resonated with me, and I immediately began connecting them to Our Values. Below are just a few of those connections to the definitions and behaviors associated with Our Values:

1. Being on Time

    Respect: Build trust by honoring our word through action

2. Work Ethic

    Integrity: Conduct ourselves with honesty, trustworthiness, and dependability

3. Effort

    Serve Other First: Be good stewards of people and resources

4. Body Language

    Respect: Treat everyone with dignity and compassion

5. Energy

    Be Visionary: Proactively implement new ideas

6. Attitude

    Collaboration: Seek opportunities to engage others and break through barriers

7. Passion

    Be Visionary: Respectfully challenge the way things have always been done.

8. Being Coachable

    Collaboration: Give, ask for, and value feedback

9. Doing Extra

    Respect: Do what is right, not just what is easy- even if no one is looking

10.Being Prepared

    Serve Others First: Consider the impact of your decisions

After reflecting on these attributes, I recognize that I have work to do. However, the thing that struck me is the possibilities if I make a conscious effort to focus on putting these ten simple words into practice. If we each built capabilities around these traits, what are the possibilities for our values-based culture?


-Jessie Johnson