College of Pharmacy

Animals and Tranquil Scenery

Virtual Animal Fieldtrips

Are you an animal lover?  These links will lead you to different virtual field trip in many different locations! Examples include the Fort Worth Zoo, Yellowstone National Park, and the Pier House Resort.

Puppy in CarseatCat with a birthday hat


Virtual Field Trips You Can Take from Home!

Gorillas and Penguins at the Zoo


Haven’t made it to Yellowstone yet, or want to relive your experience? Check out these Yellowstone Webcams!

Dog in the Mountains

When you go to the zoo, are panda bears on the top of your list to see? Now you can watch live-cam updates of pandas here: Explore (Animal Cams)

Student Petting Goats

Dogs with Wonder Woman and Superman Costumes


Tranquil Scenery

Create your own virtual getaway via Google Earth 360 through the Tour Creator! Find your own peace and tranquility in places that you enjoy!


Virtual Getaway

VW Bus loaded with luggage


Interested in Guided Meditations with Peaceful scenery?  See the following links for a place to get started!


Body Scan Meditation with Peaceful Scenery

Student Holding Bird

10 Minute Relaxing Beach Sunset Virtual Walk

Oregon Coast Beach Scene


4K UHD Guided Meditation + Virtual Beach Walk


Virtual Forest Walk in 4K

Looking into the Waterfall