HSC at Fort Worth

Recognizing outstanding leadership at UNTHSC

Dear team,

The way Brandy Schwarz’s students speak about her says it all.

One student said Dr. Schwarz, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, is “a wonderful example for young women such as myself.” Another said, “Dr. Schwarz is a rock star – a woman with character, class, and a model example for us.” A third said Dr. Schwarz “has the best interests in mind for her students… and took time to really help me with some complicated situations.”

We’ve spent time and resources developing both providers of the future for our community and the leaders of the future for UNTHSC. But I don’t always acknowledge and recognize the contributions of those already serving as role models.

I’d like to do so today by highlighting two of our leaders: Dr. Schwarz and Jason Hartley, Vice President of Facility Operations.

Every day, Dr. Schwarz exemplifies her commitment to UNTHSC’s educational, research, clinical and community service missions. She is responsible for one-fifth of the credits in our doctor of physical therapy program, trains faculty to facilitate interprofessional education events and is active at the state and national level in professional organizations.

In one of her research studies, Dr. Schwarz identified that female physical therapy students were less confident in their ability to be successful in their professional careers. She responded by investing significant time as a coach and mentor for young women in the program.

Like Brandy, Jason takes thoughtful risks as a leader and proves that his concern for his team runs deep. I’ve seen how Jason invests in his people, both in their personal and professional development. For example, he was concerned that his facilities team wasn’t taking advantage of some of the retirement benefits that UNTHSC offers, so he had reps from HR and Fidelity come to explain how best to use our 457 and 403(b) plans.

Jason also wisely uses veteran talent on his team to develop younger team members. UNTHSC employs a number of master tradesmen, from plumbers to electricians, who will take on new hires as apprentices and help them obtain their journeyman certifications.

On the recent Gallup engagement survey, Jason walked his team members through it question by question, making sure they understood them clearly so the survey would better capture their true sentiments.

Jason is a genuine UNTHSC success story. He started here 18 years ago as a construction project coordinator, and now he is a vice president. He never asks a team member to do something he isn’t willing to do himself – from taking out the trash to breaking up winter ice to cleaning up a flooded hallway.

We all know outstanding leadership when we see it – and we see it every day from Brandy and Jason.

Thank you to the entire UNTHSC team for all you do on behalf of our One University.

My best always,