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Episode 39: Chuck Bouligny

Juggling Your Friends

It can be difficult to stay in touch with family, friends, and other important relationships in your life. Chuck Bouligny talks about the latest app hitting the tech scene in Fort Worth. Juggle  helps people balance their relationships and  build authentic connections. Through gamification, Juggle makes connecting with people easier than ever in the city "where relationships matter." 

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Episode 38: Yanira Borges

Your Sidekick at Work

What started with an overwhelmed insurance office resulted in a productivity tool that changes how we get work done. Yanira Borges created an innovative digital platform called Sidekick Checkins that helps staff members handle simple tasks all by asking a few simple questions. This fun and refreshing software builds positive workplace culture, encourages personal and professional development, and increases revenue for businesses. Yanira talks about the importance of checking in on your coworkers, and about her experience as an #indiehacker in the tech space. 

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Episode 37: Dr. Michael Mathis & Dr. J. Thomas Cunningham

Solving Problems with Science

Dr. Michael Mathis & Dr. J. Thomas Cunningham

What do scientists and entrepreneurs have in common? They solve problems! Michael Mathis, PhD, EdD and Thomas Cunningham, Phd from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) at the HSC in Fort Worth join us to talk about their new Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Entrepreneurship.  Centered around individual passion, this virtual, four course certificate program provides additional skills for the next generation of innovative biotech leaders in Fort Worth. 

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Episode 36: Jonathan Morris

The Self Employed Serial Entrepreneur

Jonathan Morris is making Fort Worth funky by bringing his various visions for cool spaces to life. He is the owner of the Fort Worth Barbershop and Hotel Dryce, and now, he's the host the brand new show on Magnolia Network's Self-Employed. A serial entrepreneur, Jonathan talks about his earliest entrepreneurial ideas as a child, how he builds culture into his business ventures and what it is like to be a television host showcasing small businesses.

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Episode 35: Joseph Horn

Sustainability in the Fort

Texas is a leader in many industries, including energy production. But one local innovator wants to turn Fort Worth into the sustainability capital of the world. Joseph Horn is the driver behind the city-wide collaboration building EcoPlex in Fort Worth, with the vision of turning our city into the center of sustainability in the U.S. He discusses the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurship with sustainability and environmental advocacy. 

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