Episode 25: Dr. Vanessa Bouche

Essential Employment

When Dr. Vanessa Bouche was challenged to provide meaningful employment for survivors of sexual explotation and sex trafficking in Delhi, India, she started an essential oils company to put women with few skills to work. Dr. Bouche discusses the challenges she faced in starting Savhera, the challenges she faced in applying for B Corp certification and how to "Live Well, Do Good'' for her customers and employees.  

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Episode 24: Tamara Payne

The Coworking Candidate

Bringing Fort Worth's first woman-owned coworking space to fruition was a labor of love for Tamara Payne. She's turned her career as a newscaster and marketing expert into a creator of community for local startups in the Near Southside and beyond. Up next for Tamara is her work serving the people of Burleson on their City Council. 

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Episode 23: Elyse Dickerson

Ear Space

This local entrepreneur leveraged a career in fashion and big pharma into a startup that is tackling an unmet medical need with a big potential market - earwax impaction. Their first product, EarWax MD is now in stores across the country and is relieving the symptoms of earwax buildup for kids, adults and pets. Elyse Dickerson, co-founder and CEO, has also built the company as a practitioner of Conscious Capitalism, setting out to do more for their customers, investors and the environment than just maximize profits.

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Episode 22: Kevin Henry

Simplifying HIPAA

For companies operating in healthcare or for any company that works with healthcare, compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a requirement. Many companies aren't sure how to navigate this complex federal law and non-compliance can bring steep fines and penalties. Kevin Henry, Founder and CEO of Accountable HQ has solved that problem, providing online training for employees in any industry. Their path to market included participation in the Techstars Austin accelerator program, making them the only Fort Worth-based startup to have Techstars backing.

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BONUS EPISODE: Innovates on 817

The 817 Podcast

Our host, Cameron Cushman, is featured as a guest on the new 817 podcast, a show that covers local news, events and politics. This rebroadcast of their episode touches on all things innovation and entrepreneurship in Fort Worth, including early stage funding levels, job creation by startups and how Fort Worth's entrepreneurial ecosystem ranks among other peer cities. Tune in to this bonus episode of Innovate Fort Worth and be sure to check out the 817 podcast.

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