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Episode 46: Jimmy Sweeney

Now Showing: The Grand Berry Theater

The Grand Berry Theater, in Fort Worth's Foundry District, celebrates art and culture through movies. Jimmy Sweeney, owner of The Grand Berry Theater and co-host of the 817 Podcast, is an entrepreneur who loves cinema and wants to share his love for movies by showing passion project films. Sweeney discusses why Fort Worth needed an independent theater, how The Grand Berry battled the pandemic and streaming platforms, and the revitalization of The Foundry district. 

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Episode 45: Ethan Rigel

Healthcare through the Lens of Skin

One of DFW's best kept secrets is Gore Range Capital. Ethan Rigel is the founding partner of Gore Range, a venture capital firm focusing on skin innovation. Ethan explains how he became an investor, why they moved Gore Range from New York to Southlake, and what he is looking for in companies before he invests.

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Episode 44: Hayden Blackburn

Hayden Blackburn

If you are an entrepreneur in DFW, then you know about Tech Fort Worth. And Hayden Blackburn is at the center of it all. TechFW supports entrepreneurs through various programs, like an accelerator, an incubator, mentorship, and through the Cowtown Angels investing network. With big exits like ZS Pharma, Encore Vision, and Exact Diagnostics in their past, TechFW is helping connect entrepreneurs to build a strong biotech entrepreneurial ecosystem in Fort Worth today and into the future. 

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Episode 43: Dr. Michael Williams

Dr. Michael Williams

Despite being an accomplished MD, DO and MBA, the President of the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth is an entrepreneur at heart. Michael Williams is using his background and position to transform Fort Worth into a hub of entrepreneurial activity, not only through the work of HSC, but also through his work in the community to solve complex problems and bring new innovations to market. He is not only creating solutions for healthier communities, but is also creating economic opportunity for our region.

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Episode 42: Devan Peplow and Mavis Tang

Helping the World Hear Better 

Devan Peplow and Mavis Tang

Only 25% of Americans with hearing loss use hearing aids.  But three TCU students are working to solve this problem through technology that is changing the way people with hearing loss can hear the world around them. Devan Peplow and Mavis Tang are co-founders of Sounde LLC, a phone application that utilizes the built-in microphone to amplify specific sounds and frequencies. Through cutting edge AI within the app, Sounde transforms how people with hearing loss manage their ear health. 

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