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Episode 70: Austin Laramore

Not His First Rodeo

What started as a family business with Austin Laramore and his grandfather has grown into an innovative mechanism to help rodeo roping cowboys in the arena. The ChuteHelp Fully Automatic Chute uses solar power and gravity to manage cattle in chutes and make animal management much more efficient. Austin shares how one startup led to another through his creation of BotBros, an automated robotic welding service company, to help him fill orders for ChuteHelp. 

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Episode 69: Christina Brooks

Capital Friendly Fort Worth

When it comes to understanding the CDFI program in Fort Worth, Christina Brooks is the person to know. She discusses how investing patient and accessible funding into unrepresented communities can create a positive impact for Fort Worth. This can be capital to start a business, loans to help buy a house, or investments in development projects. And CDFI Friendly Fort Worth has already left a huge impact on the community. 

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Episode 68: Michael Sherrod

Innovator Dot Com

He's a serial entrepreneur, TCU's Entrepreneur in Residence, and one of the most seasoned innovators in DFW. Michael Sherrod talks about his career in media, how a car accident changed his life, getting acquired by America Online and selling the internet's first digital ad. From starting a lifestyle magazine in West Texas to navigating the dot com boom, this local entrepreneur has done it all.

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Episode 67: Josh Robertson

The Mist-ifying World of Healthcare Investment

When it comes to healthcare startups, Josh Robertson does it all. From a young age, he saw some of the biggest problems in healthcare, and he wanted to do something about it. His passion for helping people led to building startups by infusing empathy into the patient's healthcare experience. This thesis grew into several healthcare startup companies, an investment group, and even a nonprofit.

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Episode 66: Patrick Coddou

A Cut Above the Rest

In search of a better shave, this local entrepreneur designed a cutting-edge version of a classic product. Meet Patrick Coddou, the aerospace engineer turned entrepreneur who started a new, single blade razor company called Supply. Patrick discusses how he created an alternative to the multi-blade razors that have become prevalent in the personal care industry. Patrick took Supply to Shark Tank in 2019 and did a deal with one of the sharks. Hear how Supply has gone viral on TikTok and how he attracts new customers through digital advertising.

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