A podcast about innovators in Fort Worth

Innovation is changing Fort Worth. Start-ups and a spirit of entrepreneurship are transforming the city known for Cowboys and Culture into a hub for innovative ideas and businesses. Innovate Fort Worth shares the stories of the city's leading innovators, entrepreneurs and investors -- and highlights the resources available to bring ideas to market.

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Latest Episodes

Episodes 20 & 21: Dr. Sid O’Bryant

Dr. Sid O’Bryant is one of the world’s top Alzheimer's Disease researchers and he has just won a the largest research grant in Fort Worth history to continue his work at The University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth.

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Episode 19: EJ Carrion

Meet EJ Carrion; entrepreneur, author, and co-host of The 817 podcast, and learn how he created a business to help students succeed.

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Episode 18: The Wellies

Vanessa and Taylor are the creative, innovative minds behind The Welman Project, an initiative to “fill a classroom, not a landfill.”

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Episode 17: Brad Hunstable

Meet Brad Hunstable, co-founder of Linear Labs, who is changing the way we “power the world” through their high torque electric motor.

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