Episode 86: Scotty Scott

The Fort Worth Foodie

Scotty Scott has a story that many entrepreneurs share. He started with aspirations in politics, though his passion was in his hobbies like hosting dinner parties and telling stories. CookDrankEat is Scotty?s food journey from a hobbyist to an influencer, author, and entrepreneur. He shares how influencers are innovating, his inspiration for writing his cookbook ?Fix Me A Plate?, and how Fort Worth supported Scotty Scott and other creatives entrepreneurs become successful.

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Episode 28: Nathan Butorac

Reinventing Snail Mail

In today's world of fast-paced technology, Pinatagrams is changing how we approach "snail mail." Nathan Butorac always knew he was an entrepreneur at heart, he just needed to find his big idea. On this episode, he shares his past experiences with starting different companies, how he found success in the middle of a pandemic, and how something "Better Than A Letter" can really spice up your marketing campaigns. 

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Episode 27: Dennis Hoang

From Returns to Profit

A family business that inspired a trio of brothers to change how we see product return and support sustainability efforts through re-commerce in retail. Dennis Hoang is the co-founder of Patturn, a company that is creating retail sustainability for small businesses by managing returned items to prevent landfill waste. Hear the story of how these UTA grads transformed their parent's resale computer shop into a digital platform to resell returns rather than being thrown away.

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Episode 25: Dr. Vanessa Bouche

Essential Employment

When Dr. Vanessa Bouche was challenged to provide meaningful employment for survivors of sexual explotation and sex trafficking in Delhi, India, she started an essential oils company to put women with few skills to work. Dr. Bouche discusses the challenges she faced in starting Savhera, the challenges she faced in applying for B Corp certification and how to "Live Well, Do Good'' for her customers and employees.  

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Episode 14: Melissa Ice

A Worthy Net

"People need people more than stuff," says Melissa Ice, founder of two local non-profits, The Net and The Worthy Co. She lives by these words as she serves the homeless and women and children who have been exploited. She empowers people by employing those who cannot find work to provide a stable income for themselves and their families. Relationships are the key to her work that makes a difference in our community.

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