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Episode 76: Techstars Part 4 – Zama Health and Neurofit

Techstars Part 4: Zama Health and Neurofit

The first class of the Techstars physical health accelerator program has arrived in Fort Worth. Meet two of the companies that are improving the physical, mental and whole health of patients through their innovative startup companies. This episode features Brendan Sullivan from Zama Health and Alex Theodorou from Neurofit.


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Episode 82: Robert McClain, Ph.D.

Free Money for Small Businesses

Every entrepreneur knows that finding funding is difficult. And sometimes, investors want you to give away tons of equity in exchange for their capital. That?s where ?America?s Seed Fund? or SBIR grants, come in! In this episode, Dr. Robert McClain, Assistant Vice President of Research and Innovation at HSC, explains his findings regarding the lack of SBIR grants awarded in Tarrant County. He dives into the details of why Tarrant County is not winning more of these awards, and what can be done to change this. He believes that assisting entrepreneurs to tap into these grant awards will catalyze innovation in Fort Worth.


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Episode 81: Kendel Rogers & Rob Upchurch

Year in Review 2022

The producers who work behind the scenes of the podcast join our host to look back on 2022. Kendel Rogers from HSC Next and Rob Upchurch of RobMakesPods share their experiences of making Innovate Fort Worth and growing it to 80+ episodes. They also share stories of their favorite guests that stood out throughout the year. Cameron, Kendel, and Rob discuss what Innovate Fort Worth has grown into and what it means for the community. They will also share a sneak peek of what is to come in 2023! 


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Episode 80: Cam Sadler

Exit Interview - Live from GEW 2022

Cam Sadler, an Innovate Fort Worth alum and founder of NewCraft, is back in the hot seat to answer questions around his exit experience. Cam shares what he has been up to since his move back to Fort Worth from San Francisco, what trends he has seen in the startup space from coast to coast, and what he plans to do next.


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Episode 79 – Munatsi Manyande

A DASH of Help for Asylum Seekers

It takes a big heart to tackle a big problem. Meet Munatsi Manyande, the executive director of the DASH Network, an organization with an innovative approach to helping asylum seekers. People seeking asylum arrive with nothing and aren?t eligible for government benefits, and this is where the DASH Network steps in. They provide housing, food, language training and more in one of the largest program serving asylum seekers in the country. Munatsi explains the difference between asylum seekers and refugees, how the DASH Network is holistically serving people who are often overlooked, and what is next for the nonprofit.  


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