Episode 85: Patrick Coddou

Exit Interview: Supply Razor

From Shark Tank to successful exit, hear the story of how Supply sold from the cofounder himself, Patrick Coddou. We brought back our guest from episode 66 to share what happened since he was on the show and how and why he decided to sell the company. Founded in 2015, Coddou shares stories of the highs and lows of building the ecommerce company throughout the years. He explains why it?s his employees that make the company great, what to expect when a company is getting acquired, and some lessons learned as an entrepreneur building the company.


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Episode 84: Karen Meadows

Simulated Patients, Real Experiences

HSC is harnessing the power of simulation to teach medicine in a different way. Karen Meadows is the director of HSC?s Simulation Center an interactive, immersive space that offers virtual reality, augmented reality, robotic mannequins, hololens, and 3D simulated experiences. Students use this space of the future to confidently train for different healthcare situations in a safe atmosphere. The Sim Center also focuses on supporting public health by offering additional trainings around emergencies, natural disasters and new technologies to existing healthcare providers.


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Episode 83: Jose Alfaro

Creative Opportunities for Creatives

Where community development meets economic development, you will find Co.Starters. Jose Alfaro, CEO of Co.Starters, has a passion for artists, creative entrepreneurs, and small business owners. He says that entrepreneurs who are a part of a supportive community have a higher success rate, and through Co.Starters, a 90% success rate. Co.Starters aims to supply the education, resources, tools, but especially a community, to the entrepreneurs and business owners that are the bedrock of unique and vibrant communities in various cities.


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Episode 76: Techstars Part 4 – Zama Health and Neurofit

Techstars Part 4: Zama Health and Neurofit

The first class of the Techstars physical health accelerator program has arrived in Fort Worth. Meet two of the companies that are improving the physical, mental and whole health of patients through their innovative startup companies. This episode features Brendan Sullivan from Zama Health and Alex Theodorou from Neurofit.


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Episode 82: Robert McClain, Ph.D.

Free Money for Small Businesses

Every entrepreneur knows that finding funding is difficult. And sometimes, investors want you to give away tons of equity in exchange for their capital. That?s where ?America?s Seed Fund? or SBIR grants, come in! In this episode, Dr. Robert McClain, Assistant Vice President of Research and Innovation at HSC, explains his findings regarding the lack of SBIR grants awarded in Tarrant County. He dives into the details of why Tarrant County is not winning more of these awards, and what can be done to change this. He believes that assisting entrepreneurs to tap into these grant awards will catalyze innovation in Fort Worth.


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