Episode 72: Cameron Fowler

Putting Fort Worth in the Hot Seat

The memories made at a football game or a concert are special. And Cameron Fowler is finding ways to personalize the experience to the audience. Cameron is CEO of Digital Seat Media, a tech startup putting QR codes in stadiums and venues to enhance the fan experience by customizing features specific to each seat. Whether it is ordering food or merchandise, accessing exclusive behind-the-scenes content, or playing interactive games, Digital Seat Media is enhancing the live entertainment experience.  

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Episode 56: Luke Hejl

A Timely Platform for COVID-19

Luke Hejl and his team at TimelyMD were building a telehealth company focused on college students when the pandemic of 2020 hit. They had the right solution at the right time that allowed students to see doctors digitally for their mental and physical health concerns. As schools began to shut down due to the pandemic, student needs for mental health services rose and TimelyMD was ready to scale, fueled by over $60 million in early-stage growth capital. Universities like Duke, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, and Abilene Christian partnered with TimelyMD to provide healthcare for students in uncertain times. Now, with over 150 partnerships, TimelyMD is transforming healthcare on college campuses around the United States.

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Episode 51: Edward Morgan

Charging Cars & Communities

After a career in technology, Edward Morgan was always thinking about advanced technologies that he could bring to market. When the electric car industry boomed, he saw an opportunity to improve the market for home and commercial charging stations and Revitalize Charging Solutions was born. His newest product, a dual charger for home use, was recently approved for UL certification. He also shares his vision of giving back to the community by someday turning into a venture capitalist himself.

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Episode 48: Pam Cannell

Building Better Boards

Linkedin meets Match.com?for nonprofits? That is what Pam Cannell set out to do with BoardBuild, a platform designed to educate, match and strengthen board members for non-profits. Pam shares her vision for using innovative technology and education to strengthen non-profits in Fort Worth and around the country.

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Episode 47: Mike Berry

Planes, Trains, and Autonomous Automobiles

Mike Berry, the President of the Hillwood Group, knows a thing or two about innovation. As the leader of the Mobility Innovation Zone at Alliance and as the man behind the largest in-land port, he shares how drones, robots and autonomous vehicles are changing the way that freight moves from warehouses to our homes.

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