Acceleration Lab

The TECH Fort Worth Acceleration Lab at the UNT Health Science Center is a commercialization initiative that provides a wide range of support services for emerging companies working to bring new technologies to market. The Acceleration Lab, and the UNT Health Science Center partnership with TECH Fort Worth, is supported in part by grant funding from the State of Texas.

Acceleration Lab services and benefits are available to companies and entrepreneurs enrolled in the UNT Health Science Center’s Executives-in-Residence (EIR) Program. The EIR Program is complementary to, but separate from, other programs and initiatives offered by TECH Fort Worth. To learn more about TECH Fort Worth, click here.

The EIR Program provides a valuable set of advisory, administrative, and facility services, including:


At the core of the EIR Program is a seasoned executive team of four successful life science professionals with over 120 years of collective experience in all facets of pharmaceutical and medical device R&D, including formulation and CMC development, preclinical studies, clinical study and program design, and regulatory pathways. The team also has significant experience in business development, including strategic planning, collaborations, licensing, and acquisitions.

Learn more about the EIR Team at this link.


EIR Program clients have the opportunity to access dedicated laboratory facilities with low-cost, flexible options for use. A core laboratory, equipped with general biomedical laboratory equipment, is available as a shared resource for short-term experiments. Office workstations and conference rooms are also available for daily client use.


The co-located Research Development & Commercialization office provides EIR Program clients with administrative support, library consultations, and access to business equipment such as a copier, fax machine, scanner, and printers. On-site Internet access is available via WiFi connectivity.


Via connections with directors and staff in the UNT Health Science Center’s Office of Grant & Contract Management, Department of Lab Animal Medicine, and Office of Research Compliance, EIR Program clients have the opportunity to seek expert answers about grant proposals and awards, assistance in the development of pre-clinical studies, and support for conducting human trial evaluations.

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The UNT Health Science Center’s faculty includes a number of researchers who are recognized as leaders in their field. With state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research programs, the UNT Health Science Center has obtained global recognition. The EIR Program can make synergistic connections with faculty members who can best accelerate various aspects of the client’s R&D programs.

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Monthly Access to: Program Program + Lab Lease
Executive-in-Residence Team 3 hr/mo 3 hr/mo
Center for Research Management as reasonable as reasonable
Shared “visitor” office * *
Conference rooms * *
Guest WiFi * *
Copy/Fax/Scan/Print/Shred * *
Mail & shipping address * *
Limited administrative support * *
Limited office consumables * *
UNTHSC Library benefits * *
Discounted UNTHSC IRB fees 50%; waiver eligible 50%; waiver eligible
Common lab 5 days daily
Parking garage (2) n/a *
Quarterly Term; paid up-front

To learn more about the EIR Program, download this flyer or contact Tom Capetan at

The EIR Program is available to TECH Fort Worth clients at reduced rates. To learn more about programs and initiatives offered by TECH Fort Worth, contact Darlene Boudreaux at or (817) 339-8968.