Episode 23: Elyse Dickerson

Ear Space

This local entrepreneur leveraged a career in fashion and big pharma into a startup that is tackling an unmet medical need with a big potential market - earwax impaction. Their first product, EarWax MD is now in stores across the country and is relieving the symptoms of earwax buildup for kids, adults and pets. Elyse Dickerson, co-founder and CEO, has also built the company as a practitioner of Conscious Capitalism, setting out to do more for their customers, investors and the environment than just maximize profits.

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Episodes 20 & 21: Dr. Sid O’Bryant

The 45 Million Dollar Man

Dr. Sid O'Bryant is leading the charge to use blood biomarkers to bring the first-ever primary care blood test to market for America's seniors. His work runs counter to the areas of focus of many other researchers, but his discoveries could pave the way for significant advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases. He just received a $45 million grant to continue to study the ways that Alzheimer's Disease impacts people of different ethnicities and his work could hold the keys to understanding these complex diseases.

This is a two part series featuring Dr. Sid O'Bryant and his work to address senior citizen's biggest fear - developing dementia.

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Episode 9: Albert “Ab” Deweese

Coronavirus Problem Solver

When COVID-19 struck, one local entrepreneur pivoted to creating solutions that fill gaps in our healthcare system. Among three companies created by Albert "Ab" Deweese are Hepius Equipment, which makes microwave-sized medical devices that sterilize N-95 masks, and a fractional Chief Medical Officer company to help small businesses reopen safely.

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Episode 7: Patricia Zilliox

An eye for innovation

Patricia Zilliox could have chosen any city as U.S. headquarters for her French biotech startup Eyevensys, which recently raised $30 million to develop eye disease treatments. She chose Fort Worth. That's because Alcon and the North Texas Eye Research Institute at HSC have turned Cowtown into a world-renowned hotbed of eye research innovation.

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