October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month!
October 7, 2019

Welcome to National Cyber Security Month 2019! As such, your HSC Information Security Office will be featuring exclusive cyber security content all month long. You’ll learn valuable tips through animations, infographics, comic strips, games, and more. By interacting with this content, we hope you will learn about the eight key risk areas, and maybe even have a little fun!

In honor of National Cyber Security Month, we will also be releasing the new and improved version of our annual security awareness training. All users who have not completed the required annual training within the last 90 days will be assigned the new version of the training at our LearnHSC site.

Stay tuned to the UNTHSC NCSAM website for NCSAM updates throughout the month and the HSC Information Security Office website for material about information security practices at UNTHSC.

UNTHSC NCSAM 2019 site:

UNTHSC Information Security website:

Feel free to email with any questions.