NCSAM 2019

Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month!


Starting this week and for all of October, we’ll be sharing a small town’s worth of educational resources to promote a cause we can all get behind: cybersecurity!

This month you’ll be embarking on an exploration of Cyber Falls, an “Everytown USA” that illustrates the many ways cyberthreats reach into the lives of your colleagues, family, and friends.

The first step is heading to the Cyber Falls Clinic to get a checkup, testing your knowledge across eight cyber-risk areas:

Over the next few weeks you’ll receive infographics, videos, and even a mini-game covering each of these eight risks. Consider taking the survey at the end to see how your scores have improved!

For some quick advice on handling each of the eight risks we’ll be covering this month, check out this infographic!



8 Risks