The Daily News FAQ

This is your electronic bulletin board, brought to you by the Office of Marketing and Communications. The Daily News arrives in your email inbox each morning and is linked from the left-hand navigation field on the Insite Home page.

You can post in any category except Campus News (top section), which is posted by your Internal Communications Team in OMC.

Daily News has become a vital tool in helping us become one university through extraordinary teamwork. Anyone — faculty, staff or student — can post items to Daily News.

If you have suggestions for improving Daily News, please contact Libby Maness, or the webmaster,

Who can post a Daily News announcement?
Any faculty, staff or student who has an EUID and password.

How do I post a Daily News Announcement?

  • Go to the Daily News Home page
  • Click on: “Add announcement”
  • Login with your EUID and password
  • Select the one category you want the announcement to appear in
  • Select the audience(s) your announcement is directed toward (faculty, staff, students or any combination of these)
  • Enter a succinct title for your announcement
  • Select your announcement date(s)
    • Choose “consecutive” or “non-consecutive” dates from the drop-down menu
    • Enter the appropriate dates. You may select up to five dates.
  • Enter start time. (If it’s an all-day event or doesn’t have a start time, don’t make any changes.)
  • Enter URL, if needed.
  • Enter description. This is the text of the announcement. Remember to double-check your announcement. The deadline to post an announcement for the following day is 5 p.m. All announcements posted after 5 p.m. on a weekday will appear two business days later. For example, if you submit a post at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, it will run in Daily News on Friday. All posts submitted over the weekend will run the following Tuesday unless there is a university holiday on Monday. In that case, the announcement will run on Wednesday.
  • You also can check how your announcement will look:
  • On the Daily News home page, find the small monthly calendar on the left-hand side.
  • Click on any date to see the entire Daily News edition for that day. You can click back to previous months, and also forward to future days and months to see what has been posted so far.

What category do I use for my announcement?
There are several categories to choose from for your announcement. There is no firm rule for what each category contains. However, for readability, you should choose a category that best matches your announcement. You can always go back and look at previous announcements to see where others have posted their announcements.

How do I find a Daily News announcement that was posted in the past?

Use the search function on the Daily News home page.

Why can’t I select the Campus News category?
The Campus News category is reserved for use by the Office of Marketing and Communication. To see if your announcement meets the criteria to appear in Campus News, please email or Campus News announcements must be of general interest and will be posted on a space-available basis.

How do I edit a post that I entered earlier?

  • Go to the Daily News Home page
  • Click on: Add announcement
  • Login with your EUID and password
  • Click on “Posted Announcements”
  • Hover over the title of the announcement you want to change and click “Edit.”
  • Make the edits needed.
  • Click on “Update” on the right side of your screen.
  • To check your announcement, click on “View post” near the top of your screen.


How do I change the dates for when a post will appear?

  • Go to the Daily News Home page
  • Click on: Add announcement
  • Login with your EUID and password
  • Click on “Posted Announcements”
  • Delete the post and create a new post with the revised dates


How do I delete a post?

  • Go to the Daily News Home page
  • Click on: Add announcement
  • Login with your EUID and password
  • Click on “Posted Announcements”
  • Hover over the title of the announcement you want to change and click “Trash.”

Can I add an attachment or flier?
No. Daily News isn’t designed for this. However, you can add a link to a webpage that contains the pertinent information.

Can I include a photo or another image?
No. Daily News isn’t designed for photos/images. However, you can include the link to the image if it is posted online elsewhere.

Can I view the Daily News off campus?
Yes. The Daily News can be viewed from off campus; however, you may not see all the features. If you are connected to the campus network through VPN you will be able to view all the features.

How can I increase the chances my post will be noticed?
Here are some tips to help your announcement be as effective as possible:

Before you write your announcement … Think through:

  • What will most people be interested in — what’s the most compelling aspect of the story?
  • Which groups will be most interested — this will help you choose the appropriate Daily News category


Writing the headline …

  • The headline is the most important part of your post. Teammates will decide whether to read your post based on the headline. So put your most compelling information about why the reader should care about your post here. Focus on how the reader will benefit from your information.
  • If the item is about an event that will happen very soon or about a project that has a short timeline, try to put the date in the headline so people know they need to act quickly.


Writing your announcement

  • Draft your post in a Word document—that way you have a record of your post and you can use the spellcheck tool before you post.
  • Make sure you’ve included all the important information:


    • Date and times
    • Locations
    • Deadlines
    • URLs
    • Contact information and where the reader may send questions
    • Registration and RSVP information
    • Audience for an event—is it open to students, faculty or staff? All of the above?


  • Keep it short! Readers will appreciate your respecting their time, and it will be easier for them to find key information.
  • Try using bullet points, which are generally more succinct and easier to read than blocks of text.