Do You Have An Upcoming Event or Activity that Involves Minors on Campus?

If so, it’s time to plan ahead.  With Summer around the corner it’s time to prepare a checklist of any requirements for your upcoming event.  What requirements you might ask?  Well this includes:



Please note that all employees, students, and volunteers are subject to adhere to the following when interacting with any Minor on Campus, including their own child, neighbor, and/or friend.

You can visit the Compliance Website as a quick guide or reference to State and Institutional Requirements.  As well, as our policychecklist and all the necessary forms.

In order to be proactive and not delay your event, we ask that you please register your event 4 weeks prior.  All requirements can be submitted via email at HSC Institutional Compliance Office (Make sure to send all information containing personal information securely by using #HSCSecure in the subject line of your email), or you may stop by our office, EAD 836, to hand deliver.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the Office of Institutional Compliance & Integrity at 817-735-2029, or you may contact Paty Cisneros directly at 817-735-0272.


Please do not submit any forms to our Human Resources Dept. (HR)