Workout of the Day 02/28/2022



3 Rounds of:

10 mountain climbers

10 jumping jacks

10 fire hydrants – each side

10 bodyweight squats

10s Plank

6 Rounds for time:

10 burpees

10 jumping alternating lunges

10 v-ups

20 mountain climbers

Healthy men (ages 55-70) needed for Parkinson’s disease research study


We are conducting a study looking at how exercise affects cognition, motor functioning, and biomarkers of early-stage Parkinson’s disease. This is a one-time study visit that takes about 2hrs to complete. You will be compensated for your time.

We are in need of healthy male controls for this study. If you are between the ages of 55-70, and exercise regularly please contact us at:

Changes at the UNT System


Dear Faculty, Staff and Students of the UNT System:

On February 25 we began acting on a series of decisions that support a new organizational structure for the UNT System. I encourage you to take a few moments to watch the video below and review the new UNT System organizational chart to learn more about the changes that will enable us to better meet the needs of all UNT students, faculty and staff.

Thank you for your understanding and support,
Chancellor Michael R. Williams


Nominate someone now for Valubility of the Month


The Valubility of the Month nomination window is open! Think about those who are living Our Values in extraordinary ways and nominate someone who stands out as a Valubility of the Month candidate.

Check out the updated Valubility platform and nominate someone now for Valubility of the Month:

For more information about HSC’s Valubility recognition programs, click here:
Valubility – OUR VALUES (

Questions? Email the Valubility team:

March 3rd Seminar: Health Disparities, Outcomes Research and Machine Learning Applications with TriNetX EHR database


HSC College of Pharmacy invites you to a seminar discussing the use of EHR for health disparities/outcomes research.

Thursday, March 3, 2022
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Health Disparities, Outcomes Research, and Machine Learning Applications with TriNetX EHR database

Presented by:
R. Constance Wiener, DMD, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Dental Public Health and Professional Practice
West Virginia University


Chan Shen, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery Chief,
Division of Outcomes, Research and Quality
Penn State Cancer Institute
Penn State University

Join us via Zoom:

View the flyer:


Jan M. Williams, PhD, to present seminar on 3/4/21 at 11:00 AM: “Is insulin the major culprit in the early progression of renal disease associated with prepubertal obesity”


Jan Michael Williams, Ph.D.
Professor & Graduate Program Director, Department of
Pharmacology & Toxicology
University of Mississippi Medical Center

“Is insulin the major culprit in the early progression of renal disease associated with prepubertal obesity”

Childhood/prepubertal obesity is growing at an alarming rate. Children suffering from obesity are at an increased risk for developing type-2 diabetes/insulin resistance and renal disease. The early stages of renal disease in obese subjects are associated with increased glomerular filtration rate (GFR; often referred to as hyperfiltration), which leads to proteinuria and renal injury. Whether renal hyperfiltration is a clinically relevant characteristic in obese children is a matter of debate. Moreover, renal hyperfiltration is commonly associated with metabolic alterations and increased inflammatory markers contributing to renal injury. Whether these associations are observed in children with obesity remains unclear. In our studies, Dahl salt-sensitive leptin receptor mutant (SSLepRmutant) rats develop progressive renal injury before puberty independent of hyperglycemia and elevations in arterial pressure. Furthermore, SSLepRmutant rats exhibit insulin resistance, increased GFR, and renal inflammation during the prepubescent stage. The goal of the seminar is to provide the audience with some insight on how insulin resistance, renal hyperfiltration, and inflammation contribute to the early progression of renal injury associated with prepubertal obesity.

Friday, March 4, 2022, 11:00AM-12:00PM, EAD-406
University of North Texas Health Science Center
Fort Worth, Texas

PeopleFest games have begun – join in the fun


In preparation for connecting people at this year’s PeopleFest, you are invited to join in on an amazing quest titled “HSC Connection Exploration.” The quest began on Friday, February 25, at noon and will continue through Wednesday, March 2, at noon. You will have the opportunity to explore the campus in search of hidden key words which will reveal your final destination. Throughout your search, you will be able to learn more about important work that supports HSC’s mission.

Whether going on the quest by yourself or working with a team of coworkers, decipher the clues to discover these locations. Look for a PeopleFest 2022 poster at each location that will contain the hidden key word critical to solving the final clue. Unscramble the words and solve the puzzle to claim your prize!

You can find complete instructions here:

Or, pick up an instruction sheet on the second floor of the Library near the Java Lab.

We look forward to seeing you out there,

Office of Culture and Experience

3-1-22 – Save the Date – Catalyst Health RX Walk Through Event


Mark your calendars! HSC Health is hosting an informal tour of the new Catalyst Health RX pharmacy on the first floor of the Health Pavilion March 1, 2022 from 2:00-3:00 pm.

We’ll kick off the fun in Suite 160 with snacks and giveaway items followed by time to explore the pharmacy. This is a come & go event, so drop in any time between 2:00-3:00 pm. This resource benefits our students, patients, faculty, and staff so make time to check it out!

Change in VPN tool (connecting remotely)


From the HSC Helpdesk (ITS)

HSC Faculty and Staff,

We wanted to make you aware of upcoming changes to the VPN or remote connection tool currently in place.

If you currently use Cisco AnyConnect to connect to the network remotely, this change will affect you and you will need to download our new tool, Global Protect (Palo Alto). Some of you may have already seen this program show up on your computers within the last few days.

If you currently do not use VPN, this email does not apply to you and this change will likely not affect you.

You can follow the step by step instructions to install GlobalProtect on your machine (if it is not already installed) in the following link:

When is the cut-off date for our current VPN tool, Cisco AnyConnect?

Cisco AnyConnect will be disabled on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

Why are we changing VPN tools?

The primary reason for this change is enhanced security for both the UNTHSC network and you (the user).

What are the benefits to switching to the new tool?

This new VPN solution will allow HSC to integrate the same multifactor solution we use with EIS and Microsoft 365 through your existing DUO application and settings. The use of multifactor solutions (MFA) increases the security of HSC’s networks and devices as well as the security of our users accounts.

I am having difficulties upgrading to the new VPN Tool. Can I get help from IT?

If you are experiencing challenges upgrading to Global Protect (Palo Alto), please contact the Help Desk via email or phone: or 817-735-2192.

Can I opt-out of this change?

Opting-Out of this change is not possible. The current VPN tool (Cisco AnyConnect) will remain active for a period of time, but will eventually be disabled. It’s strongly recommended that everyone that uses VPN begins the switch to Global Protect (Palo Alto) at their earliest convenience.

Thank you so much for working with us during this transition period.

ITS Helpdesk
Gibson D. Lewis Library • 202