Workout of the Day 06/04/2021


Progression Workout: After you complete each exercise, start over and add next exercise (20 min. Time cap) Ex: 5 burpees. Then 5 burpees and 10 pushups. Then 5 burpees, 10 pushups, 200m run, etc.

5 Burpees

10 Pushups

200 meter run

15 Dips

20 Lunges

25 Sit-ups

Workout of the Day 05/31/2021


5 Rounds of (60 sec work/20 sec rest)

Jumping Jacks


High Knees

Mountain Climbers

Plank touches

Workout of the Day 05/28/2021


Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise in 60 seconds. Perform 4 sets of each exercise.



Reverse Crunches

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Workout of the Day 05/24/2021


4 rounds (40 sec work/20 sec rest)




Bicycle Crunches

Body Weight Squats

Rest 5 minutes, then:

4 rounds (40 sec work/20 sec rest)

Reverse Lunges


Russian Twists

Mountain Climbers

Workout of the Day 05/21/2021


Workout: Chipper for time

50 Push ups

75 Squats

100 Mountain Climbers

75 V-Ups

50 Alternating lunges

25 Burpees